Master Closet Makeover: Before and After

In December, I suddenly realized how large and yet how very dysfunctional our closet was. The clothes were crammed in (decluttering hello), the hanging rods were really high so I had to stretch or knock the clothes down, the shelves were great to have but the whole thing wasn’t arranged very well. So instead of […]

New Home Master Shower Renovation


At the end of 2019, we bought our first home and I think we were exceptionally lucky with the near perfect purchase. (Honestly our amazing realtor Mark did that!) It was basically a new build, within the first 5 years, and had no major damage or repairs. We love our home so much, but we […]

5 ways to upgrade and renovate your home

renovate upgrade

As we move into Fall and for now being a mostly at home society, I know a lot of people are doing home improvement projects. We are coming up on our first anniversary of buying our home. It really means a lot to us and I wanted to mark the date because we are pretty […]

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