Planners 101: How I Use My Planner Through The Week

Everyone has a different way to plan their days, weeks and months. A million different kinds of planners, digital and non digital, to do lists and much more. But it’s what you do with them and the time you have to make a plan that counts. There’s a few things I do to be my […]

The Hustle Sanely Planner by Jess Massey

I have supported Jess since her first blog and her old personal training job, which has really been about 10 years or so. When she started getting real consistent and friendly on IG-I immediately took notice. Every morning I began tuning in to IG chat and tips, tricks, productivity hacks or knowledge that she had […]

My Honest Review of the Happy Planner

One day when I came downstairs, I found my friend Stephanie working on her budget in this awesome planner. I inquired about it, because the ones I had ordered for 2020 just weren’t what I was thinking and weren’t fulfilling my needs. She told me it was the Happy Planner, and she explained how they […]

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