What to include in a Care Package

Giving a friend a care package is nice to do no matter the occasion-a hard time, a new baby, a marriage, a promotion or simply just because. I have found myself doing this for a couple of my friends recently and it makes me feel so good that I can help them, lift their spirits […]

Autumn Girls’ Movie Night

autumn movie night

A few weeks back Stephanie tagged her friend Olivia and I both in a meme on Facebook. That led to me asking, “is it weird if I friend her?” to which she replied, “no it’s not weird at all, you should!” So I did. We all started a group chat and we both found out […]

Reconnecting with a childhood friend

To start off, I’ll give you some back story: this boy was my childhood best friend, first ever love interest and the grandson of my wonderful next door neighbors. So when I say we ‘grew up together,’ we did. Most of the time I was away with my grandparents, but when he came to his […]

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