Friday Favorites #7

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week and coming into a wonderful and OPEN Fourth of July weekend! We don’t have plans but

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Friday Favorites #6

And just like that we are already in June! Halfway through the year officially and how weird is that since COVID took our sense of

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Friday Favorites #4

Happy End of May! It’s my 33rd birthday on Sunday, I can’t believe we are almost  half way through the year of 2021. I hope

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Friday Favorites #3

The past week I was quite busy trying to get our place ready to have Justin, our friend from Kansas and the online gaming buddy

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Friday Favorites #2

Hey there again! Thanks for joining me in this weekly favorites- I started this last week and it was a hit! Go here to check

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Friday Favorites #1

This week I wanted to do something more fun! I decided to do a roundup of all my weekly favorites to share with you. There’s

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