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The Keys to Finding your Next Apartment

Location/Price/Size:Of course when you’re moving, you’ll have an idea of why and where you want or need to be living. Location is most important factor when choosing a new apartment because you’ll be there for at least 6-12 months or longer if you choose to...

Why I decided to become a Virtual Assistant

Learning ProgramsI'm hoping through the process of it all which began way back in January, when I rebranded and envisioned something new for this blog. I started out with design in a tiny sense of the word- I learned a few components from my blog designer who created...

6 ways to make and keep online friends

So today I’m going to talk about friendship and if you don’t have a lot of close people in your life, the ways you can connect with new friends and people you have commonalities with online. There’s no rule about only knowing people in real life (or "IRL") because the...

Grow Through Life Desktop Wallpaper


A simplistic organizational desktop wallpaper right in time for a new decade! Created out of my own inspiration, in a bright water blue with a strong quote about growth in the New Year. I made this so that everyone can use it and have a fresh space and feel like they have a new beginning.

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Reconnecting with a childhood friend

Reconnecting with a childhood friend

Starting off I'll give you some back story: this boy was my childhood best friend, first ever love interest and the grandson of my wonderful next door neighbors. So when I say we 'grew up together' we did, because because most of the time I was away with my...

July Goals

July Goals

Every month I set up a few good goals to achieve and keep me going through the month. These are a few I've picked out to work on this month personally and to grow myself. Tell me what you're aiming to accomplish this month? 1. Get Permit I've been studying off and on...

20 Ways to Pamper Yourself (when you really need it)

20 Ways to Pamper Yourself (when you really need it)

This post dawned on me one day when I was deep in a pit of despair. Yep, it was a few months ago and I was depressed but I don't think I knew it at the time. I was nothing but a slob on the couch and barely moving at all through the day. Just continually going through...

31 in 31

31 in 31

Wow, 31 years on this earth that's crazy. It's gone by in the blink of an eye. My mom has five of us all older (I'm the baby of the family) so I can't believe that at this point we are all over thirty. In this 31st year of my life, I have come to a very big...

Coffee Date in May

These coffee date posts are so popular in online blogs and spaces. I really love them and I think that  Alissa Circle's blog was one that created it or the first one that I saw. I like to read them and see what hanging out with them would be like in real life. Even if...

May Goals

This month I'd really like to up the ante but in simple ways. Like being more focused and narrow on what I truly want. I've taken a backseat and it makes me disappointed that I'm not acting like a driving force in my own destiny. So hey girl, SNAP OUT OF IT. Whatever...

Hey, I’m Nora!

I am a 31-year-old stay at home wife, married to my husband, Sean of 10 years and we have two dachshunds together.

Our doxies (one boy and one girl) are named Bouncer and Maggie. We live in Oregon- the most beautiful and diverse climate on the planet.

We just bought our own house and are looking into more travel, new business and growth opportunities to expand, building our dream lives one day at a time and sharing that all with you.

I look forward to having you here beside us.

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