Rethinking My 101 Things in 1001 Days Project

Since the very beginning of 2020 I’ve planned this 101 things in 1001 days. However because no one knew that we would be hit so hard and so long by a global pandemic it really ruined my timeline. This challenge if you wanna call it that, is usually a list about anything big or small […]

Updated Personal Bucket List

Having a bucket list at my age I think is a common thing people do. Although making moves on getting your bucket list done isn’t very common with everyone’s daily lives making it more difficult. A bucket list is essentially a list of “far fetched/dream items” to do someday. But I plan on trying to […]

20 romantic movies you might not have seen

I’m not a person who love LOVES movies- but give me a rom-com or chick flick and I’m good anyday. Grab some popcorn, a glass of your favorite (fill in the blank) and a cozy blanket and make a night of it with your sig other or just your girlfriends! As I was trying to […]

5 Great Ways to Motivate Yourself

In the winter, even more than any other time of year, it can be hard to find motivation. It’s cold, we’re stuck inside a lot more, and the shorter days can be draining in many ways. We’re also almost a month into the new year and motivation often drops as time goes by. If you’re […]


Welcome to January and I’m back with another great bunch of pet stories of various kinds. I want to feature more than just dogs and cats so this give you a peek at that. If you have any other types of pets be sure to submit a post to me after reading this introduction to […]

15 useful Amazon gifts that should be on your wishlist

The most helpful thing I could bring you would be ideas of the best presents I’ve found to gift someone from Amazon. Because you know it’ll come on time! Well if you have prime anyway- and if you don’t what are you doing with your life?! It’s worth it I promise! The items on this […]

Friday Favorites #16

How is it already the middle of freaking October? Like that seems unreal- right?! It was just March when I last blinked and here we are decorating for Halloween and ending the year almost. I’m trying my very best to get ahead and share lots of great new relevant content. I have big plans for […]

Friday Favorites #15

Hallelujah the weather IS changing and fall is OFFICIALLY here! This week has been slow and pretty relaxing in addition to staying productive. I actually had a lot of favorites this week, so I’m psyched to share them with you. I’ve been sharing more content here around fall and seasonal decor etc. I’m looking forward […]

Fall Bucket List

Fall has officially begun just a few days ago and already many people are in the autumn mood. One could argue that the first sign of fall is when Pumpkin Spice Lattes come out (calling all basic bitches!!). I personally think that it has more to do with the first real heavy rain of the […]

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