My Top 10 Favorite Teas You Should Try

What’s the one thing you want when you’re sick, have a chill or it’s a cold morning and you aren’t a coffee drinker? Tea. Although I enjoy most hot beverages, tea is my second favorite (next to coffee – they sometimes go interchangeably). I knew tea pretty well growing up- I believe my mom was […]

10 Fall Scented Products I Love

*I’m a rep for Scentsy and doTerra because I love and use their products, I do make a small commission from these sales.* The autumn season is almost here and I know we all love our PSLs and color changing leaves, sweaters and boots-all things we associate with this time of year. I have a […]

Copycat Medicine Ball Tea

A few months back I got really sick (not COVID), I was trying everything for my sore throat but nothing was giving me relief. Not medicine, not water, not throat lozenges. This is a very popular recipe from Starbucks and a lot of people I imagine get it when they are sick or feeling under […]

3 Reasons You Should Practice Gratitude Every Day

3 Reasons You Should Practice Gratitude Every Day

When we get caught up in the business of life sometimes we forget to take time to appreciate all of the good things going on in life. Practicing gratitude is a great thing to do not only during the holiday season but all year round! Being gracious has many benefits for your mental health, your […]

9 Winter Self-Care Ideas

I believe in the winter, even more than any other time of year, it’s important to care for ourselves a little extra. It’s cold, we’re stuck inside a lot more, and the shorter days can be draining. We need to take care of ourselves before we take care of others so we can be at […]

20 Ways to Pamper Yourself (when you really need it)

One day when I was deep in a pit of despair, I thought about sharing some ideas on how to pamper yourself when you really need it. Yep, a few months ago, I was depressed but I don’t think I knew it at the time. I was nothing but a slob on the couch and […]

5 Ways I’ve Become A Happier Person

Lately, I’ve been working incredibly hard on my personal development. I’m starting to put into practice the few things that I knew brought me peace, patience, and a sense of self for lack of other words. I feel like this might be a more common thing when you’re a homebody or stay-at-home mom and/or wife. […]

Quotes to be Inspired by (on hard days)

Do you have days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Are you feeling down in the dumps or perhaps a bit depressed? Feeling somewhat anxious or stressed out? When you maybe had a bad dream the night before but can’t shake the feeling? When you have a bad day is […]

Who Should You Be Keeping in Your Life?

Sometimes I need something new on the blog and I don’t often get offers to share guest posts about anything new like health, fitness, or self-care (although I’m writing more of that now). Here I have Alicia from The Happy Hippie, she is an easy-going, happy, healthy person and I wanted to feature her here […]

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