My Honest Review of the Happy Planner

One day when I came downstairs, I found my friend Stephanie working on her budget in this awesome planner. I inquired about it, because the ones I had ordered for 2020 just weren’t what I was thinking and weren’t fulfilling my needs. She told me it was the Happy Planner, and she explained how they […]

Flannel Design Co. Etsy Shop: Review

One day after scrolling social media and watching through my biggest YouTube followers on snap chat I saw this company that creates their own prints and custom decals. I was so excited about how cute and funny they all were. So I thought “hey I’ve been a blogger for awhile… maybe they’d like some more […]

Current Netflix Favorites

It’s one of my favorite things in the whole world to do: Netflix and Chill (but really chill with a snack). Recently I’ve asked you if I should keep updating and reviewing my choices from Netflix (and other media) and you said YES! I’ve been killing a lot of alone time by watching a lot […]

[Book Review] Feisty and Fearless:Nice Girls CAN be leaders

This is the review of Feisty and Fearless on Goodreads ReviewA few words about it and what others said:-“In Feisty & Fearless: Nice Girls CAN Be Leaders: • The characteristics of effective leaders• 14 Exercises to guide you through your work in becoming a more effective leader• Discover that Caring is one of the keys […]