Welcome to January and I’m back with another great bunch of pet stories of various kinds. I want to feature more than just dogs and cats so this give you a peek at that. If you have any other types of pets be sure to submit a post to me after reading this introduction to […]

My Shelter Dog Story: Rosie

Wanting A Companion Early on in our relationship, we always wanted pets. I wanted to feel a bit more protected when Sean was at work or if he wasn’t there, say at night. I wanted a dog and I suppose I jumped at the idea so fast and started looking right away. Right away I […]

Eevee is O-N-E!

A whole year, a whole year- 365 days! How is this possible that it went by so quickly?! Most of it has been lovely while the rest of it has been……. a challenge. We knew having a puppy would be hard but boy oh boy she definitely took me for a spin. I never realized […]

Pet Story of the Week: Sandy, Kandy, Ella and Mr. Gibbs

When Nora invited me to write a story about my dogs, I had a hard time picking just one story. Dogs have always been a big part of my life and a part of my family. I told her I could write about my first dog that we adopted when I was only a year […]

Pet Story of the Week: Raya

I’m a big believer in Fate, and I’m really lucky that she stepped in and brought Raya into my life.A little over 5 years ago, my husband and I were fostering for a local dog rescue. We’d adopted our third dog, Emma, from them and wanted to give back. By the spring of 2016, we’d fostered a […]

Pet Story of the Week: Ollie the Cat

Have you ever had a pet that wasn’t just a pet? Yes, I know that they are all family, but my cat Ollie was different. She wasn’t just a family member. She was my best friend. She always knew when I was upset about something and knew my secrets.  I got Ollie for Christmas in […]

Dog Training During a Pandemic (Pet Story of the Week – Eevee)

If you are among the families that decided to get a dog during the global pandemic then this post is just for you. I’ll be talking about how online training is such a great idea and was our saving grace having a puppy during times when going out is risky. Eevee just completed her first […]

Pet Story of the Week (NEW SERIES)

May is National Pet Month and about 80 million homes in America have a furry family member. It’s the best time for true bragging rights about how great and treasured our pets are. They are truly an incredible thing in our lives- we love them just like our human children; If we have them. Another […]

Welcome Home Eevee: Our English Cream Golden Retriever


A New Member of the Family? Back in April, we had our roommates and their dog living here for (what we thought would be) a few months. We fell in love immediately with their dog Moro, a golden retriever- she was sweet, loveable, a bit silly but overall what we wanted to bring into our […]