Maggie: We Miss You

This is a long story, so I’m going to try to be as concise as possible. What would you do for your pet if he or she was sick? And then sick again, and even after the medicine was still not getting better. Well, this happened to us recently. Maggie, our doxie, first of all, […]


Welcome to January and I’m back with another great bunch of pet stories of various kinds. I want to feature more than just dogs and cats so this give you a peek at that. If you have any other types of pets be sure to submit a post to me after reading this introduction to […]

My Shelter Dog Story: Rosie

Wanting A Companion Early on in our relationship, we always wanted pets. I wanted to feel a bit more protected when Sean was at work or if he wasn’t there, say at night. I wanted a dog and I suppose I jumped at the idea so fast and started looking right away. Right away I […]

Eevee is O-N-E!

A whole year, a whole year- 365 days! How is this possible that it went by so quickly?! Most of it has been lovely while the rest of it has been……. a challenge. We knew having a puppy would be hard but boy oh boy she definitely took me for a spin. I never realized […]

Pet Story of the Week: Sandy, Kandy, Ella and Mr. Gibbs

When Nora invited me to write a story about my dogs, I had a hard time picking just one story. Dogs have always been a big part of my life and a part of my family. I told her I could write about my first dog that we adopted when I was only a year […]

Pet Story of the Week: Raya

I’m a big believer in Fate, and I’m really lucky that she stepped in and brought Raya into my life.A little over 5 years ago, my husband and I were fostering for a local dog rescue. We’d adopted our third dog, Emma, from them and wanted to give back. By the spring of 2016, we’d fostered a […]

Pet Story of the Week: Ollie the Cat

Have you ever had a pet that wasn’t just a pet? Yes, I know that they are all family, but my cat Ollie was different. She wasn’t just a family member. She was my best friend. She always knew when I was upset about something and knew my secrets.  I got Ollie for Christmas in […]

Dog Training During a Pandemic (Pet Story of the Week – Eevee)

If you are among the families that decided to get a dog during the global pandemic then this post is just for you. I’ll be talking about how online training is such a great idea and was our saving grace having a puppy during times when going out is risky. Eevee just completed her first […]

Pet Story of the Week (NEW SERIES)

May is National Pet Month and about 80 million homes in America have a furry family member. It’s the best time for true bragging rights about how great and treasured our pets are. They are truly an incredible thing in our lives- we love them just like our human children; If we have them. Another […]

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