Master Closet Makeover: Before and After

In December, I suddenly realized how large and yet how very dysfunctional our closet was. The clothes were crammed in (decluttering hello), the hanging rods were really high so I had to stretch or knock the clothes down, the shelves were great to have but the whole thing wasn’t arranged very well. So instead of […]

17 Things to Elevate your Home on a Budget

Have you ever walked into someones’ home and thought “I wish my home could look like this” or “feel this cozy”? You may like their decor, their furniture, the size or arrangement of the rooms, the smell in the home or just the overall feel of the space. I have adored many homes and many […]

6 Places to Buy Holiday Decor and more

With it being the tenth of the month already I think everyone would be in the decorating mode by now. Whether it’s trimming a tree or setting up decor for a holiday party- with these companies you can find everything you will need or want. Some of these places you may not have heard of […]

New Home Master Shower Renovation


At the end of 2019, we bought our first home and I think we were exceptionally lucky with the near perfect purchase. (Honestly our amazing realtor Mark did that!) It was basically a new build, within the first 5 years, and had no major damage or repairs. We love our home so much, but we […]

Home and Fall: Decorating My New Home

home fall decor

Autumn is my favorite season, there is just something special and wonderful about it. Personally, it always feels like a fresh start, a new beginning near the end of the year-Quarter 4. I knew this year with the holidays would be different for us because of COVID, but also just because of the timing of […]

5 ways to upgrade and renovate your home

renovate upgrade

As we move into Fall and for now being a mostly at home society, I know a lot of people are doing home improvement projects. We are coming up on our first anniversary of buying our home. It really means a lot to us and I wanted to mark the date because we are pretty […]

Small Home Improvements that Can Make a Big Difference

home buying experience

I don’t know about you, but this quarantine has me feeling especially antsy and unsettled. We moved into our home in November, and while we had the holidays and plenty of time to settle, I feel like I’m still adjusting to being a homeowner and the realization that we won’t be moving again for a […]

Our Home Buying Experience

Have you dreamed of what your future home will look like? Is it in the country or city? Are you into modern, traditional or an entirely different style? There’s been this piece of my life that I’ve been waiting for and missing. Hoping someday I’ll be able to really start a life I’m proud of […]

We Bought A Hot Tub… (and Why You Should Too)

What’s more enjoyable than a hot tub?? Grab your cup of coffee in the morning and get in to relax and start the day on the right foot. Or sink into the hot tub in the evening, after a long, hard day, to de-stress from any tension. And trust me, we’re all feeling that tension […]

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