Rethinking My 101 Things in 1001 Days Project

Since the very beginning of 2020 I’ve planned this 101 things in 1001 days. However because no one knew that we would be hit so hard and so long by a global pandemic it really ruined my timeline. This challenge if you wanna call it that, is usually a list about anything big or small […]

2022 Goals: Progress Report (Quarter 2)

In 2022, my word is Inspire and I created a vision board to see my goals in front of me. This is a list of my categories in my life and the things I wanted to start working towards this year. Basically I will just be talking through my goals and how each one is […]


I did so good with my goals last month and was so consistent that I wanted to share them here but make it fun! So I brainstormed with one of my friends and she came up with a BINGO of goals to tackle for the month- I’ll be doing and making examples of each one […]

The Hustle Sanely Planner by Jess Massey

I have supported Jess since her first blog and her old personal training job, which has really been about 10 years or so. When she started getting real consistent and friendly on IG-I immediately took notice. Every morning I began tuning in to IG chat and tips, tricks, productivity hacks or knowledge that she had […]


Although this year was hard for us all in many ways and was a continuation of the C-19 mindset and environment, we all came out stronger. First I’ll highlight the highs of the year and just touch on a few lows, again which we all had. Early in the year, we thought that maybe this […]

January Review and February Goals

I love when a new month starts on a Monday, it just feels right doesn’t it? Like a new, fresh start all shiny and packaged up tight. Our new dog Eevee is almost 5 months old and she is still in the beginning stages of training and learning so much, doing so well already. I […]

5 Goals I’m Achieving Before The End of The Year

achieving goals by year end

There is still plenty of time to take advantage of the year, so don’t feel like it’s all over yet. We still have two FULL months of the year left and there is plenty of time to set short-term, bite-size goals that you can easily accomplish. Whether you are making small habits or chunking away […]

Currently October & October Goals

monthly goals

This week already flew by and it’s just the start of October! Oh, my goodness-can you believe it?! This year of 2020 is almost over- how has it been for you? What good things happened last month? Do things need improvement? Are there changes you can make? I have been thinking a lot about where […]

September Goals

september goals

It’s already the month of September and as much as I can’t believe it, even more, I can’t believe that in about a week it’s our 11th year wedding anniversary. I know we really can’t celebrate much because of COVID-19 and also because of Oregon Fires happening currently… It’s really a heart-breaking situation here right […]

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