Friday Favorites #14

Hi Friends! How are you doing this week? Good I hope although many I know right now including me- are not doing so great. For one reason or another, everyone seems to be struggling right now and I feel so heavy for all of us. Whether you know it or not, I am with you […]

10 Fall Scented Products I Love

*I’m a rep for Scentsy and doTerra because I love and use their products, I do make a small commission from these sales.* The autumn season is almost here and I know we all love our PSLs and color changing leaves, sweaters and boots-all things we associate with this time of year. I have a […]

Friday Favorites #13

Hi my lovelies! I hope your September is off to a great start. Can we REALLY believe that it’s already quarter 3 almost 4? I mean whoa, where did 2021 go?!?! My year was very anticlimactic but it seems like it was more of the same CO-19 business and through phases of closures and openings […]

An Option I Didn’t Know I Had

By Steve Lutz  I never thought being child free was a choice. I just assumed that I’d eventually become a father, do the best I could, love my kid, and suppress any resentment that may bubble up. That was until I met my wife.  Growing up as a boy in the 80’s, society wasn’t too […]

Copycat Medicine Ball Tea

A few months back I got really sick (not COVID), I was trying everything for my sore throat but nothing was giving me relief. Not medicine, not water, not throat lozenges. This is a very popular recipe from Starbucks and a lot of people I imagine get it when they are sick or feeling under […]

Friday Favorites #12

Hello and welcome back again! I hope that you enjoyed my Wednesday post, if you missed it by chance (it’s a good one) so go check it out! I didn’t really have a theme for this week but I figured we are so close to back to school time that it would work! Cute stock […]

8 Ways to Feel Closer to Your Spouse

With the space and divide COVID brought on last year and the paranoia of a pandemic for a year and a half ongoing- it’s time everyone can be reunited closer. So today I’m bringing some tips and ways that you can feel closer to your spouse (if in fact there has been a crazy year, […]

Friday Favorites #11

Hey babes! So sorry that I missed last week but it was not happening. Luckily I still have plenty of favorites this week that I had to get typed out for you. I had a split productive week, one day I was feeling unwell but the rest of the week was pretty good and got […]

How to support blog/biz owners without spending money!

Are you often times wishing that you could support and buy things from bloggers and biz owners you know? Maybe we can once in a while or maybe that’s something to create a budget for- but there’s a way to help all your friends and not have to spend money. That’s what I’ll be writing […]

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