It’s Back: Announcing Blogmas 2021!

I had so much fun a few years ago when we did this and I’m thrilled to be doing it again but sharing with a whole new bunch of people! This challenge or linkup or group- whatever you want to call it, gives me so much inspiration to blog every day of Blogmas and share […]

My Shelter Dog Story: Rosie

Wanting A Companion Early on in our relationship, we always wanted pets. I wanted to feel a bit more protected when Sean was at work or if he wasn’t there, say at night. I wanted a dog and I suppose I jumped at the idea so fast and started looking right away. Right away I […]

Friday Favorites #16

How is it already the middle of freaking October? Like that seems unreal- right?! It was just March when I last blinked and here we are decorating for Halloween and ending the year almost. I’m trying my very best to get ahead and share lots of great new relevant content. I have big plans for […]

Halloween Episodes of My Favorite TV Shows

Trying to get in the spooky mood? Looking for a cozy, thrilling show to watch? Want to binge all night in a seasonal vibe? I have collected a TON of episodes and series that will help you do just that. Honestly, I am much more of a TV show viewer than a movie buff. So […]

10 Halloween Date Nights At Home

When the weather gets cold but you wanna stay inside bundled up with your significant other-what do you do? There are plenty of things to do inside for a date night that can be just as fun and exciting as going out. What have you done recently or are planning to do together in this […]

Friday Favorites #15

Hallelujah the weather IS changing and fall is OFFICIALLY here! This week has been slow and pretty relaxing in addition to staying productive. I actually had a lot of favorites this week, so I’m psyched to share them with you. I’ve been sharing more content here around fall and seasonal decor etc. I’m looking forward […]

Fall Bucket List

Fall has officially begun just a few days ago and already many people are in the autumn mood. One could argue that the first sign of fall is when Pumpkin Spice Lattes come out (calling all basic bitches!!). I personally think that it has more to do with the first real heavy rain of the […]

Eevee is O-N-E!

A whole year, a whole year- 365 days! How is this possible that it went by so quickly?! Most of it has been lovely while the rest of it has been……. a challenge. We knew having a puppy would be hard but boy oh boy she definitely took me for a spin. I never realized […]

Friday Favorites #14

Hi Friends! How are you doing this week? Good I hope although many I know right now including me- are not doing so great. For one reason or another, everyone seems to be struggling right now and I feel so heavy for all of us. Whether you know it or not, I am with you […]