A stay-at-home wife and dog mom!

Living my life to the best of my abilities with the desire to help others along the way.

Get to Know Nora


My story begins May 23rd. 1988

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest with my family, knowing that I wanted to help others through my writing and life experiences. I started this blog in 2010 and throughout all the changes it has undergone it is here today and teaches me daily, that change and growth is everlasting but one thing stays true, my deep love of writing. 

I have grown up writing all kinds of things in all different styles and always dreaming of creating and sharing my life through literary avenues.

Married Life

I have been happily married since 2009.

After we got married, I wanted a simple way to connect with friends and family about our newlywed life. Soon I began seeing all my friends and new connections had blogs and many of them rapidly became successful.

And while I too tried and hustled, it had just been a passion of mine for so long to be able to write and share my life with others, it wasn’t only about becoming successful but about becoming the best version of myself for my husband and family.

My Calling

I want to help people find comfort, a sense of belonging and place of community whenever and wherever they really need it! For many years I have shared my life, the way that I overcame many of my own obstacles and celebrated my triumphs.

Being a stay-at-home wife, dog mom, child-free, and a “woman-preneur”, I love to show our daily lives and what it entails, even down to a personal development level so that I may be able to help you or inspire you in avenues of your life! 

What makes me who I am....

Thank you for joining and supporting me on my life journey, I hope I bring some love, laughter, maybe too, guidance and support into your lives as well.


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