Rethinking My 101 Things in 1001 Days Project

Since the very beginning of 2020 I’ve planned this 101 things in 1001 days. However because no one knew that we would be hit so hard and so long by a global pandemic it really ruined my timeline. This challenge if you wanna call it that, is usually a list about anything big or small that you want to do, accomplish and achieve in about two years. I think of it as a master but short term bucket list in my mind. I put on it what shows I want to watch, what trips I want to take, who I would like to connect with and so on and so forth…… Anything you can imagine honestly-no requirements on what it has to look like.

I was able to accomplish some things despite COVID existing in the past two years. But they didn’t happen until 2021 truly, we planned hired projects back to back. I wasn’t able to be social either because of the pandemic- up until about 2022, we did eventually get vax’d back in mid 2021. We have sorta been recluse in that way because its our own personal version of safety and it has worked really well up until now. I also hate to adit that because I don’t drive (it’s been one of my ongoing goals and on this list too) it’s been harder to do much of anything because I am not able to be completely self reliant. I try to check in on the list maybe every couple weeks or month- to see what I can check off or track better. I did change the date once or twice to be honest because of COVID and this years health challenges I haven’t made much progress. I would like this to be more open ended for the pressure I put on myself but I’m going to keep the date on it, at least for now so that’s my plan for the timeline. I did make a list of 10-15 items that are entertainment or “spare time” based, things I can pretty quickly and easily check off (like shows to watch, ted talks to listen to, audiobooks, and writing to friends..). This whole thing is supposed to be for fun and it’s sort of a hobby in and of itself.

I do tend to watch a lot of tv shows, documentaries and movies so that being a point on my list is an exciting one. And through the past two or three years it’s become a big use of time for me. I really enjoy watching people go through things and watching a story arc/plot and feeling like i’m invested in a long running series or characters that I’m really in love with.

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