Updated Personal Bucket List

Having a bucket list at my age I think is a common thing people do. Although making moves on getting your bucket list done isn’t very common with everyone’s daily lives making it more difficult. A bucket list is essentially a list of “far fetched/dream items” to do someday. But I plan on trying to get as many of these accomplished as well as I can in the near future. Unfortunately 2020 really messed up my timeline on this and well; I’m re-attempting to plan a vacation soon I hope!

Travel to Greece-

I’ve been obsessed with this destination for years now ever since I saw the epic pics of Santorini and I’m in love with the turquoise power color. The history is rich there too which is super cool to me. I’ve seen so many people going here lately that it’s making my wanderlust worse. There’s so many things from views, food to historical places I’m dying to see in person. So this is my number one bucket list item.

Visit StoneHenge-

STONEHENGE. I, again don’t know what it is about this place and my random fascination with it but I think its a marvelous beauty and I’d be so lucky to go and take pictures there.
(also to see a 7th world wonder which I thought this was one; nope, wrong. The Colosseum would be amazing to visit though too!)

Go Zip-Lining-

My cousins had a backyard zip line growing up that was maybe idk 60-100ft. It was so fun and I fell in love! So I hope to one day do a ropes course and do one together. I don’t like heights much and neither does Sean but I feel like if I know I get to fly down like a flying squirrel then I am all for it.

Be fluent in another language or two-

I’m practicing Italian and French this year and while I haven’t made huge progress yet I am picking it up a bit so far. I took French for a couple years in HS and I really enjoy the way to speak it and find it easy to converse. And the passion for Italian comes from the maternal side of my family- I’d love to be able to speak (and or meet) with them.

Stay at a luxury 5 star hotel-

I always enjoy relaxing and being in luxury (I mean who doesn’t) so I’d love to go and stay even a night or two at a top luxury hotel like maybe even in Vegas to explore the city outside the strip and do other non drinking and gambling things! Get a massage, pool, relax in bed, etc…. Sounds lovely! Maybe even some place in another country? If you have recommendations- drop those in the comments below!

Go to Disneyland/Disneyworld again-

We love Disney! I adore being there in a childhood world of wonder! It’s fantastic even without the rides of which most I’m not a fan. The gifts, the characters, the food, the atmosphere is just one of a kind. I can’t wait to go back for our 15th anniversary (maybe then) and celebrating the new chapter of our lives (future)!

Stay in a AIRBNB/Sightsee/Tour in another state-

Also more just traveling, going someplace and not knowing exactly where I am and what’s around the corner could be fun. I haven’t traveled enough in my life so far and I’m already 34 years old so once we have kiddos that’s out for awhile. I’d like to start doing some of that ASAP and making real lasting memories to keep with us forever.

Take a Cooking Class-

Like a gourmet one; in maybe Italy or France etc someplace known for FOOD. To explore our tastebuds and not in a sketchy kind of way but by our own hands and being open to a new experience and the opportunity to do so.

Yoga/Teacher Training-

I’ve seen a few people online go to yoga teacher training online or abroad and while I’d love to go abroad, I’m not that type to be away for 6 weeks. However, to be disciplined in a practice as such would be so internally fulfilling that I could see myself being super applied to this.

Write a Book-

My plan is to write a book between this year and the next year or two. Hopefully it’ll happen somewhat soon- as long as I set goals for myself and apply myself to creating progress, then we should be good. I plan for it to be inspirational and motivational from my own views and perspectives that I share with others, I hope. On trials and triumphs in my life and the lessons and values I’ve picked up throughout my whole life.

Swim/Play/Pet Sea Mammals-

I know everyone including me in worried about the animals at SeaWorld and places like that so I won’t condone it but man on man to see sea animals in the wild or a safe setting (I don’t know how to make this seem okay or less bad for the animal- if there’s a way let me know). I’ve always liked Orcas, Dolphins, Manatees etc. It would be a trip to see them up close. And not in a boat…. (seasickness).

This is just a quick compilation of some things that I’ve had on my continuous bucket list for a few years and things I still plan to set out and do. do any of these ideas sound fun to you? What would you include on a bucket list if you made one? I know the last few years shifted all of our plans off track but now is the time to book that trip, go see your family and go explore what you set out to do!

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