14 Podcasts You MUST Listen To

Podcasts are so popular and are definitely a saturated market now for good reason. Everyone from bloggers, to cooks, to stay at home moms, almost everybody has a podcast lately. We all love hearing advice and good topics of conversation to grow ourselves inside and out. I think anyone can learn a lot from podcasts

1) The Hustle Sanely podcast: I’ve been following Jess for several years and to be honest even though I love all these podcasts, I would suggest this one MORE than any other. If you haven’t checked her out yet or know of Hustle Sanely then you need to IMMEDIATELY! She talks all productivity and motivation and schedules, time management and prioritizing what is important while not losing yourself and the rest of your LIFE to hustle culture (schedules are tools not chains). Also her products are glorious and her programs and journals are beyond compare- just go find her where you listen to your podcasts (she does FREE coaching there- yes it’s incredible).

2) CRIME JUNKIE: If you are someone who likes true crime, documentaries or biographies of serial killers or true life crime shows- you should check out this podcast and it’s a great one to listen to while you’re doing chores or busy work. I have spent hours now paying attention to these two lovely gals and the catchphrases and shock and awe is so worth it! The follow ups and types of episodes are a wonderful variety too. I love this show!

3) Pretty Basic w/ Alisha and Remi: The best chatty podcast I’ve come across that feels like you’re talking to your best friends about popular news, celebrity gossip and the everyday lives and growth of these two boss babes in L.A.

4) Unsolicited Advice (Ashley and Taryne): Again just another chat with your best friends giving each other funny anecdotes about life and advice on the variety of situations. If you haven’t heard; go check it out now- I like too that their opinions differ and it’s not two people agreeing the whole time.

5) Stuff You Should Know: An educational podcast that ISN’T boring. I used to listen to this before school or in the mornings when I get ready. Two guys, Josh and Chuck take a deep dive into a wide variety of topics including pop culture, history, life, theories etc.

6) TED Talks Daily-It’s just what it sounds like- TED TALKS DAILY on any one specific topic explained by a professional in great detail. A.I to zoology everything to spark your mind and change your perspective and expand your opinions and worldview. It’s great car audio or while in the shower learning something you’d never expect to- pretty fantastic if you ask me! I give this one 5 stars!

7) Detail Therapy-From YouTuber Amy Landino- productivity, time management, relationships, career, loving yourself and more. Get a little therapy in a positive and lighthearted truthful way before going after the dreams you desire. Her podcast has also taken a slight back seat and has only a few episodes but ALL are still so relevant and useful so don’t write them off just yet! Also check out her book on routines and habits with Good Morning, Good Life.

8) Wild Til 9 (Lauren and Jeremy): Probably one of the most LOL, dirtiest, raunchy and hilarious topics and spews of a podcast ever! I give it 5 stars- it really does it for me… long episodes too which I can appreciate when I want to just listen to the background.

9) Soul Sugar w/ Carrie Rad: Soul Sugar is all about everything from lifestyle to culture to personal issues and lessons… it’s all in there. She started this podcast back in 2019 and her following I’m sure really enjoyed hearing more pure content from her. There are a few new ones from earlier this year but the value is in there for the topics covered is great. Go give it a listen!

10) Whine Down w/Jana Kramer: I personally love Jana! She’s funny, spunky and honest. She’s a talented artist, great mother and a great role model… she recently had a public divorce in the spotlight and now she’s finding what her real core truth is and raising her kids right. I adore her and would love to listen to more of her chatty self.

11) My Favorite Murder-Another huge hit in the murder and crime stories realm that I know for a fact has a huge following. This one unlike others is kept up with and currently uploading new episodes twice a week (Monday and Thursday). It’s all true crime and hometown stories that will knock your socks off! If you haven’t checked out an episode why not try one now?! Maybe not right before bed though….

12) The Ultimate Health Podcast: I have had this one saved in Spotify and no wonder when I go to look at episode titles because they all intrigue me. From basic healthy eating to mental health and sharing your own life story, everyone has something to dabble in and learn about.

13) Kalyns Coffee Talk: This podcast is in my top 5 ever too! She is a bit woo-woo, a bit free spirited, some real honest NO BS content chats and just she’s a soul sister. Somehow I think that translates in her podcasts she gets so deep into the topic, you will have major mindset shifts and it feels so good. She is chock full of great ideas and opinions and feels her own feelings and has totally no judgment which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to topics of all shapes and sizes.

14) COLD (true crime podcast): A true crime story I am excited to follow- not one I have gotten into yet but; it’s highly rated and well known. So give that a listen if you’re real into again- true crime and stories of dark things that really happen, sometimes.

I highly suggest that you maybe try these podcasts if they haven’t been on your radar yet. Just double task by listening to a podcast (when safe to) is a great practice to educate and entertain yourself as well. And if you have any favorites be sure to drop them in the comments below!

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