2022 Goals: Progress Report (Quarter 2)

In 2022, my word is Inspire and I created a vision board to see my goals in front of me. This is a list of my categories in my life and the things I wanted to start working towards this year. Basically I will just be talking through my goals and how each one is going so far 4 months into the year.

This is my 2022 vision board that I made back in January when thinking about the themes I wanted to work on this year, I’ll explain each one in further detail now.

FRIENDSHIP: My aim was to be spending more intentional time with friends in person, checking in with those I don’t talk to every single day but still want to stay close with, conversation in my Voxer group nearly daily (participating in conversations and giving advice), making online friends in fb groups and on Instagram and finding commonalities among my hobbies and passions I follow in the online space. I feel like I’m doing a good job in this area; also I’ve been connecting with our neighbors more often which is nice. Since Covid started it really taught us what connection means to all of us and it can’t be ignored.

WATER INTAKE: I used to HATE water but I’ve been GREAT at drinking more water- mainly at night but here and there through the day. I’ve also switched from juice and soda to sparkling water and the HINT water (which I count in my intake). I’ve tried Bubly and Waterloo and didn’t care for those but of the others I’ve found I have a means of drinking more water and clear liquids that works well for me. I am now consistently drinking 1-4 bottles of water daily and for me that’s a WIN! Still no soda a month and a half in- so YAY!

WRITING HABIT: My main goal is to have dedicated writing time and if it’s not for the blog, then it’s for the book brainstorm and outline. My goal is 20 mins on my own but then also my power hour time is a full hour so I try to write more on those nights too. I often will just drop a few lines in when I’m watching a show or whatnot. It’s been a great way to get content written into my projects whether that be for a post or for the outline or on top of some other project. I have made progress with staying on top of writing posts for awhile between journaling, outlining for the book and planning other parts of the blog website.

READING HABIT: Every night I read for 30 mins in my current book or in a book or my choosing on my kindle paper-white/kindle app. I have been staying on track with my goal of 12 books in 12 months. I’m reading between months at this point so I’m like catching up to be 1st to 1st instead. I try to tackle a few chapters a night and highlight whatever important pieces or quotes jump out. I feel like I want to vary the style of books and pay more attention to reviews and ratings for an accurate read into the book before I start it and waste time on a book I somewhat end up disliking. I am finding that I am enjoying reading again and do it a lot more in my free time-which has been a aspiration of mine for years now.

LEARN A LANGUAGE (Italian and working on French still): I was practicing French in the beginning of the year- then I wanted to learn something more new to me; so I switched to Italian. I feel like my cultural background (3rd generation Italian) really helped, I picked up on it too. I need to dedicate actual chunk of time in my day to it so that can be a more focused habit through the week at least. I have been trying to review the last few days and get back to a routine here.

NUTRITION: I need to be better at eating breakfast-whether that’s a bowl of cereal or a bagel and PB. Something to get me going in the morning and get my energy up. I’ve been drinking ketones (from Pruvit), and I really like that it gives me a natural non chemical boost that I really need without the drop of an energy drink later on. Sean and I have been calorie counting and trying to stay within a certain limit by eating whole foods and paying more attention to labels and additional sugars to cut. We are eating more balanced meals with a smaller portions and equal amounts of protein and vegetables with a complex carb. Managing to have no takeout, no soda, healthier snack options and focus on three square meals and not snacking endlessly. We’ve been doing a good job of it and really want to stay on track.

WORKOUT/FITNESS: The one category I’m not doing so great on, I count the fact that I hardly every sit down and I’m always moving during the day with the dogs and doing house chores. But I am enjoying having the home gym and the option to do a workout in a variety of ways! I need to wear my Apple Watch more often to track my actual steps and movements as well- that’s a great tool I forget about often.

SELF CARE: This isn’t a hard category for me to take care of- but I’m finding new ways to treat myself and calm my mind etc. Like soundscapes in the morning before I do anything- nature sounds are the best! I follow more of a routine now in the mornings are pretty much the same. I take care of the dogs, get breakfast for Sean and I, journal and then shower and get dressed, maybe do a small chore or two. Then it’s better to start my day off on the right foot.

I feel like I’ve made more progress in the last few months than I have in the last few years! It’s a great feeling when you have made growth on your habits and goals. I hope this somehow helped you and encouraged you to check in with your goals as well, as we soon will be in the third quarter before we know it!
What are your big goals this year and what steps are you in the midst of taking now to get there? Leave me a comment down below!

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