I did so good with my goals last month and was so consistent that I wanted to share them here but make it fun! So I brainstormed with one of my friends and she came up with a BINGO of goals to tackle for the month- I’ll be doing and making examples of each one and then the BINGO that will be available down below and on my instagram (if you don’t follow me yet-@noraspaulding). This is just a summary of a few things on the card and why I want to keep them as habits and goals.

READ A BOOK: In January I chose to truly start a reading habit, so I stuck to it and got through my first complete self help book and loved it! It was a shorter and easier one but I’m so thrilled and feel so accomplished. Reading and absorbing the content on productivity will help me work through the rest of the year. I plan to read at LEAST one book a month (possibly two) and start doing book reviews eventually as well. I’ve made a habit by reading at an alarm every night and was consistent with it!

WRITE EVERYDAY: I also set an alarm for this ‘habit/goal’ and use the “power-hour” that me and my blog friends have almost every night for focused work time. I am much more motivated to work with others and decide to write anything including journaling if that’s all I can do.

WORKOUT WKS 1-4: I am putting forth the effort to do any workout at least 3 days a week. Moving my body has become a priority and it’s great for relaxation to be honest, even if it’s a stretch or yoga flow. I need to use all the awesome equipment we have purchased and make my fitness a priority for my future.

VIDEO CHAT WITH A FRIEND: Who is missing their people?! I am. Well I wanted to be intentional about seeing people but staying safe with Covid still being rampant. I intentionally planned to have 2-3 video chat dates with gals that I’m newer friends with but haven’t seen face to face due to distance and time differences.

DO A CRAFT: I’m brand new to crafting (at all), it’s never really been my thing to “create” physical goods from scratch. But I found something I enjoy- chalk painting! It’s fun, custom, simple and decorative. Recently, I went kinda wild on the website and got all the templates and a bunch of chalk/ink to make to my hearts content.

MEDITATE: Finding the peace in the busy is hard so I just want to learn to quiet my mind and relax more often. I have tried a few times with some stillness and I like to use the Calm app- I’d like to make that a regular thing.

CLEAN FOR 15 MINS/DO A CHORE YOU HATE: I love to clean but sometimes I get behind with the small things so I aim to do a bit of cleaning daily. When my home is clean my mind is clean and when my mind is clean- I can focus.

SPEND TIME TOGETHER: Sean and I most days just really do our own things and hangout in the same room but lately it’s been hard because of his chronic pain and COVID (once again) to really do many things together intentionally; and the days just slip by us. We don’t want to feel like roommates so I need to try to have more FUN WITH him and try more activities to do together. Some ideas might be puzzles, games for two, shows to binge, clean/rearrange furniture, cook.

ONE ACT OF KINDNESS: I love to do things for others either out of the blue OR when they really need it. I enjoy treating a friend to lunch or a coffee or surprising someone with baby shower gifts. If you can do this, it’s very nice and people I think really appreciate it. And I truly believe that it will come back around too.

Here’s the February Goals Bingo card-repost on social media, tag me and show me what you are able to get done this month.

Share your goals in the comments section and I’ll chat with you all there! Until next time.

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