20 things that make me HAPPY

Sometimes we all get in our feels down in the dumps and maybe you have been (after Valentines Day) although I hope not. I’ve been feeling some kind of way and finding myself trying to be more thankful lately, find the good moments and simply feel happier. I’ve been talking my therapist more about ways to control my worries and everyday anxiety and well I thought that this might be a great exercise for us all. Go take out a piece of paper and a pen and do this with me. Write down 2-0 things organically without duplicating things/people/places etc that make you happy.

Here’s my list:

-puppy kisses (those three are my pride and joy)
-a good music jam sesh (loud in the car is the best)
-a clean house (when you literally see the counters sparkle and those vacuum lines)
-a laugh with friends that hurts it’s so good (or cry)
-looking at old pics and memories (memories will always be what they are)
-snowfall (rare in certain parts of the PNW so we treasure it)
-a favorite meal (chicken divan- look it up, it’s good and better with hollandaise sauce)
-geese honking in flocks overhead (a special time of my evening when they fly right over my house)
-a long slow kiss (isn’t that romantic?!)
-a fancy cocktail (on occasion a mojito or daquiri please)
-being creative in any medium (new crafts are FUN)
-oversized cozy sweatshirts (ones my BFF makes for me)
-traveling *need to do this more post C-19)
-playing a game with a loved one
-low key holiday celebrations (nothing fancy- just a cheese plate, dinner at home and a dog show)
-improving our home (one project or renovation at a time, making our house our own) or *read this post*
-realizing I’m so so blessed
-a perfect hair day (move over farrah fawcett, I need a blowout)
-making new friends (online pals are the best in times when you are quarantined especially)
-writing this blog (thank you for sticking around)

I’d love to hear your list and your comments about whatever you want to share. I know this is a super short post but still has substance and it’s a look into the real me behind the invisible curtain. I think we get so caught up in daily life that we forget how to make ourselves happy, that we can change our mood/mindset-simple as that. Honestly I could have gone on and on, it’s so healthy to know these things as part of our self care practices.

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