20 romantic movies you might not have seen

I’m not a person who love LOVES movies- but give me a rom-com or chick flick and I’m good anyday. Grab some popcorn, a glass of your favorite (fill in the blank) and a cozy blanket and make a night of it with your sig other or just your girlfriends! As I was trying to think of other things you could do before the month of loooove is over this came across my mind. Some of these are more popular than others and a few are just classics, but even the underrated ones I would recommend. Give any one of these a chance or have a binge night (currently on my lady time and I’m kinda feeling that right now). Leave your favorite rom com/chick flick in the comments below and maybe some of us haven’t seen it yet! Thanks for sticking around and I hope you enjoy!

The Holiday
Love Actually
The Prince and Me
Kate and Leopold
Princess Bride
Leap Year
Friends with Kids
Much Ado about Nothing
About Time
Just like Heaven
Made of Honor
From Prada to Nada
The Wedding Date
Music and Lyrics
The Last Song
Nights in Rodanthe
Definitely Maybe
Always Be My Maybe
In Her Shoes

And with that I hope you liked my suggestions and if you have any that you love or that I maybe haven’t seen be sure to drop it below and I’ll be sure to check it out and tell you what I think. Now I’m gonna go have myself a night considering what kind of mood I’m in right now. I hope you have a great weekend!!!!!

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