My Top 10 Favorite Teas You Should Try

What’s the one thing you want when you’re sick, have a chill or it’s a cold morning and you aren’t a coffee drinker? Tea. Although I enjoy most hot beverages, tea is my second favorite (next to coffee – they sometimes go interchangeably).

I knew tea pretty well growing up- I believe my mom was a big tea fan and very often drank Chamomile. She introduced it to me at a very young age, when I was sick it became my go to and I love enjoying it again and again. It’s one that is calming, soothing, great for any time of day but ideal for wind-down time.

Raspberry Zinger is another favorite of mine. This all started because I began to have a serious issue with feminine cramps and I was told that this is a big relief. It became one of my go-to’s for years and it really tastes strong and delicious (also because raspberry is my favorite berry). I’ve also heard from others how beenficial it can be during labor and how many vitamins it contains.

Jade Citrus Mint and Citrus Ginger flavored tea by Teavana is a tea featured in the Starbucks Medicine Ball drink recipe and it’s very popular for those who are very sick. I’ve had success in using for a healing effect to soothe and coat the throat, ease cough and congestion. I rewrote my version of it: Copycat Medicine Ball Tea, check it out and tell me what you think if you try it.

TAZO Awake English breakfast is a great and strong alternative to coffee on mornings when I want caffeine to wake up and be more alert. It’s a more bitter taste; however, I always sweeten it up a lot with sugar and sometimes a dash of cream. It also contains potassium- great for reducing blood pressure and increasing energy. Another beneficial mineral it contains is manganese, which improves the density of bones. There are many positive benefits to making tea a part of your daily and weekly intake.

TAZO Passion tea is another one I drink all the time from Starbucks, especially in passion tea lemonade. This one is a sweet tangy tart summer treat that is a favorite of mine. I love to drink it warm and fruity or iced with lemonade. This flavor is actually hibiscus, orange peel and rose hips.

Echinacea tea is a great second tea for when you’re really feeling under the weather and need some thorough inner healing. It’s cool and refreshing and very, easy on your stomach and throat as well. It has helped me to feeling better in a shorter amount of time although this isn’t proven.

Peppermint teas also do a lot of the same things as echinacea and has the same properties for aiding in sickness. It feels great on your throat and will soothe upset tummies and digestive problems real fast.

Rooibos tea latte specifically at Starbucks because I actually fell in love with this drink by accident. I asked for a latte but I wanted tea and wanted to try something new and different but not matcha. She suggested a tea latte, made one with Rooibos which I had never tried. I ended up loving it and it was exactly like a chai taste but not as spicy (?). I may order this kind and attempt to make my own at home with my machine and milk steamer.

Peach Bellini is a new one also by Teavana that I just purchased- a very fruity tea with a combination of pineapple and mango bits inside. A tropical version of a lighter, sweeter tea, I’m sure it tastes great and will be a summer staple soon. On another note, I love a good peach iced tea by Snapple (not hot tea but still delicious).

Tea is a calming, soothing, beneficial drink that is great for anytime and any place (most restaurants, hotels, coffee shops etc all carry teas). It also can help you drink more water, relax, and wind down for the night if you have a hard time with that. If you haven’t been one to enjoy tea or are looking for some caffeine free options, now is the time to give tea a try.

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