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I’ve been so careful going anywhere lately, quarantining because C-19 rates are up and everyone is getting sick this winter like normal. So in turn, I’ve been watching a lot of newly added tv shows, discovering new originals from Netflix and new seasons of other shows I love. I’m trying to get outside my own comfort zone and watch a lot of different things and unexpected titles that I actually have really gotten sucked into. Let’s read down the list of things I’ve been watching lately and I’ll include some descriptions of my top few as well.


Found-This is a great random find! I had no idea looking at this what it would be about and to my surprise it was about three girls in different parts of the U.S, how they find each other and how they connect through the combined experience of the “one child rule/unwanted girls” from China before it was removed. It was an emotionally charged and fascinating story and I would love to recommend this to you.

The innocence project-Another one that I wasn’t expecting to be as good as it was. Following the actual Innocence Project and how inmates apply and write letters of their stories, where the truth lies and investigating to find the answers outside of the corrupt system. It made me sad, mad and frustrated but also relieved that people and organizations like this exist at all.

Queer Eye (new season)- Who doesn’t love this series?! It’s exciting, joyful, riveting and each story is a transformation. It’s so neat to see what a big difference each person makes in the few days and big movements to make their life all the more fulfilling. And in turn the Fab 5 also teaches us how to love ourselves and do better each day.

The 24 faces of Billy Milligan-One of the first few stories in the U.S of multiple personalities. This went into his crimes, the journey of how he “realizes” that he was under other personalities while committing the crimes. He was in and out of jail, hospitals and through mental evaluations with lots of doctors and psychiatrists. Will you believe him or not? Are multiple personalities real or was he faking the whole thing? By the end, you’ll have an opinion.

Virgin River (continuing to watch)-A romantic drama about a new female doctor who moves to a small country town and is thrown into a new simplistic lifestyle where everyone takes care of everyone. She falls in love, tragic things happen, lots of suspense and dramatic scenarios unfold. It’s a very popular show and there has been a few seasons so im excited to watch through the whole thing and see where she ends up.

Cheer/season 2: This is a great take on the cheer revolution! It’s a take on a serious competition sport and these teens and young adults work really hard. As a previous cheerleader I just am really amazed in the progress of someone’s talents and growth.

The Innocent Man
Pretty Smart
Trail 4
Let it fall
The college admissions scandal
Fear City-NY vs Mafia
Trial by Media
Jeffrey Epstein documentary
Bad sport


Eli Stone- My next new watch… it sounds like it’s gonna be so good.

Samantha Who?- This comical and dramatic story of Samantha who gets hit by a car and is in a coma for a week when she awakes- she remembers nothing and has to restart her life over. It’s funny finding out how she navigates her dating life, work life and family life-getting to the bottom of what is the most important.

I hope this gives you a bunch of ideas of what to binge lately. I’ve been really enjoying my downtime watching things that make me happy or feel some deep emotions. What is your take on television broadcasting right now? What shows, movies and series are you loving right now?

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