The Hustle Sanely Planner by Jess Massey

I have supported Jess since her first blog and her old personal training job, which has really been about 10 years or so. When she started getting real consistent and friendly on IG-I immediately took notice. Every morning I began tuning in to IG chat and tips, tricks, productivity hacks or knowledge that she had or was creating. She chatted every morning for 20-30 mins so for awhile that became my routine and then i caught myself watching her more throughout the day. I loved that she felt so real and relatable. My mood went up, my work effort increased and I wanted to do it the best way possible “without sacrificing my mental health and relationships”. She started with digital planning items which I bought ALL of and really loved that I can (always) continuously use them no matter what. Her paper goods came out last year and I was so stoked about that too. I got the planner but began using another one that worked better for me at the time. As the year went on through Covid etc- I kept supporting small businesses like Hustle Sanely. When she built on what already amazing products she had this year and re released them; I JUMPED at the timing to snag all of them again. She presented us HUSTLE SANELY BFFS (a private fb group & membership community) with a new HS JOURNAL AND HS PLANNER NEW AND IMPROVED! This year she was also to also sell her “HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER!” sticker on the side with the Hustle Sanely rainbow and a featured pen of the same design. We all lost it in the best way! We really rally around Jess and her genius when it comes to ‘peacefully pursuing our dreams’. She already has sold out this year and will only be restocking the journals through the year. They did so well- so much so that Adam, her husband recently left his job to peacefully pursue his dreams and chase his own goals and Jess of course, being fully supportive and giddy about it.

-Complete Focus 3 daily (three main tasks of the day)
-Move for 30 mins
-Tidy for 15 mins
-Do one kind thing for yourself
-Do one kind thing for someone else

Jess is all about protecting your time and energy management by not letting us get to the place of burnout by using her Hustle Sanely 5 method. And in turn by creating your Focus 3 daily- it shifts all the most important items to the top of mind every day. She teaches us how to straighten our schedules out and find our true priorities. I work well with the top 3 very well and then I feel so accomplished when I check those off the list- it feels like true progress. Another thing she teaches us and Jess seems to live by is this: Our schedules and routines are tools not chains. Both layouts have quarterly and monthly goals for you to look ahead, while planning in weekly or daily mode, all while keeping your hustle sanely lifestyle! There is also a place for S.W.I.T.C.H goals and planning what your focus projects will be for the month and/or quarter. If you’d like to learn more about taking the first step with the SWITCH goal method- take a further read here. Also one of my favorite parts of these new planners are the monthly plan and reflection pages where you can map out your one goal of the month, see it step by step and then she also includes a fun challenge at the end like, “Take a mental health day, create some self care and make a mental health day plan of what you really need.”

The reasons I really enjoy the Hustle Sanely Daily Planner is that I function much better with to do lists and top three priorities than a time schedule. I am a list maker and it’s always good to know what kind of planner you are. Do you work well with a time schedule? Do you like to make lists like me? Do you have to account for kids or many activities? I enjoy putting all my blog work hours, my habits and my appointments/events in on my daily rather than on the month view. I’ve been trying to work my meal plans in and get an idea of what we can eat for the week. Some days it’s also handy that she has planning notepads of the same style for daily and weekly planners, great for on the go people or students who might find a write and tear off system time efficient.

She also has courses, digital products and a membership club called Hustle Sanely BFFs and it’s the best place ever on the internet. Each quarter is based on a topic and then discussed through a detailed workbook she creates for us; included is a desktop background and a phone wallpaper with a hand created graphic by her, an inspirational quote or point that has to do with the topic we’ve gone over. She just completed a free workshop called BEST YEAR EVER, a three day instagram video series using her planner to get a jumpstart on your goals and plans in the new year. The Dream It, Do It workshop is a course all about fining your dream, breaking it down and chasing it step by step ‘without (again) sacrificing your mental health and relationships’.

I adore Jess and I know how many people she has helped and gotten to change their limiting beliefs and in turn, their fixed mindset morph into a growth mindset. Create your Peacefully Productive Schedule course is her newest one and I’m excited to jump into it! It’s based all around creating a schedule that works for you and not against you.

I’m excited and looking forward to using this planner and making moves on my goals daily, monthly and quarterly this year. The daily to do list has already kept me very accountable and on track closer than most days last month before I started using it. I haven’t dove into her courses yet (or made time for them) but that is in my goals as well this quarter.

She has already sold out of the new planners HOWEVER you can still grab a tear off notepad of either type- OR a digital copy of the same thing for iPad or the sort. She uses them in Goodnotes 5, she also has a library of how to guides and FAQs on her listings for your guidance. Also she just announced a preorder for next year that just opened up for later in the year- see that here. I wish you all the best start off to 2022 and hope this may have gave you some insight into why I chose this planner this year. I look forward to making the best of it and crushing my goals in 2022!

Thank you again Jess and everyone who helped and put work in to make this the most beautiful product and a special experience for us all! We love our Hustle Sanely community!

P.S Be sure to check out her podcast because it’s amazing and it’s all like free coaching- some of the greatest advice and insight I’ve had (lightbulb moments) because of this podcast! Plus she’s so positive, upbeat and REAL & super entertaining too. She sounds like a BFF because she is our BFF! 🙂

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