5 Great Ways to Motivate Yourself

In the winter, even more than any other time of year, it can be hard to find motivation. It’s cold, we’re stuck inside a lot more, and the shorter days can be draining in many ways. We’re also almost a month into the new year and motivation often drops as time goes by. If you’re dealing with a lack of motivation, I want to share some ways you can motivate yourself.

Listen to Upbeat Music

I believe in the power of music to change your mood and help motivate you. If you’re struggling to get things done, or want to get emotions out so you can move forward with your goals, upbeat music is a great way to achieve that. With music apps at your fingertips, you can easily create playlists with upbeat songs to get you motivated. So turn on the music and get things done!

Make progress on a goal

Feeling stuck is hard and can really affect your motivation. The good news is that you can increase your motivation by taking just a step or two toward your goal. Taking a step toward your goal could be something as small as making a phone call, writing one post, sending an email or finishing any task that you need to get done. You’ll also build momentum to keep things going in that direction because accomplishing one task can lift you up and help you feel ready to accomplish even more.

Make a list of your accomplishments

When your motivation is low or you’re feeling defeated, making a list of what you’ve accomplished in your life can help you remember that you can accomplish so much! It can also make you excited to accomplish more. List both big and small accomplishments, anything you can think of.

Get on Zoom with your friends

Feeling alone is easy right now, which can negatively impact our motivation levels. Making the effort to connect with friends is one of the biggest things you can do to help you get things done and feel more motivated. If Zoom isn’t your thing, there are many other options and even a regular phone call would work. I get on Zoom with my friends often and we all like to chat and catch up and get things done together. We also help each other through problems or brainstorm when we need it, which helps us all feel more motivated.

Remind yourself why

It’s easy to forget why we’re working on the goals we set, especially as time goes by. Take some time to think or journal about why you’re working on your goals. What do you hope to accomplish? Why is it so important to you? What is the end result? Reminding yourself why can often increase your motivation.

It’s easy to let everything we need to do pile on us and cause us to feel defeated, but there is a lot we can do to help ourselves too. I hope these tips can help you get motivated again or increase your motivation when it’s low. What are your best ways to get yourself motivated?

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