2022 Reading List

In the new year, one of my goals is to read every night and to make a daily writing habit. I enjoy sharing my favorite books and what I’m enjoying on Goodreads during the year, so let’s start off this way. Here’s a schedule (estimated reading month) of which books I plan on reading and what the books are about- linked to where I bought them.

JANUARY: Eat that Frog
FEBRUARY: Take Off Your Pants
MARCH: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
APRIL: The Lazy Genius Way
MAY: Getting Things Done
JUNE: Work Clean
JULY: Effortless
AUGUST: Essentialism
NOVEMBER: The Truth about Melanie Browne
DECEMBER: The 80/20 Principle

I am trying to aim for mostly productivity and maintaining my life sorts of books. I think it will be reflected in my year and inspire me to push further with my goals.

Eat that Frog:

For January, we chose this book for our book club in a group of my friends on Voxer. I’ve heard reviews of it being a great productivity book on many podcasts and in other videos from personal development gurus. I’m excited to start the year off on such a solid and positive start by eating the frog tasks first which will help me a lot in the end.

Take off your pants-outline your books for faster, better writing:

This was a gift based on the fact that I decided to begin brainstorming for a book in the next couple of years. I would like to get more advice and tips on how to get started in an efficient way. I know brainstorming and outlining may take a long time, so the more I can flush out the story core, character and theme- the better. It will then be a much smoother process than ‘flying by the seat of my pants as the book suggests some people do.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:

Hello Marie Kondo! Who doesn’t know who this amazing organizing and decluttering genie she is?! I have watched many a decluttering and organizing video based on her approach and seen her Netflix series as well (which was fabulous and enlightening if you haven’t seen it yet- go watch). I look forward to march for the book that will accompany a new closet to make it feel simple and orderly.

The Lazy Genius Way:

Jessica Massey is a productivity coach, host of her podcast and owner of her company Hustle Sanely. She first introduced it on an instaram story or in her book suggestions in her BFF club. I just immediately searched the book and deicded it needed to be in the mix for the year. I have ordered it and I think it’ll be a great addition to my self awareness and growth through reading for the year.

Getting Things Done:

I heard about this one from a blog video I watched by Muchelle B, a youtuber I follow. She used the concepts he taught to apply to her work and home life. From what I gather it’s mostly about capturing ideas and actions in the moment to make you the most productive you can be.

Work Clean:

Muchelle B she also inspired this read, she made a video on this idea of mise en place. This has to do with using simple systems to plan your goals and achieve your work. This book is based on how to organize your life, work and mind the way that chefs do using the system called ‘mise en place’ which translates to putting in place. I’m excited to delve deeper into this method and see how it can help me be more efficient in daily life.


I love the description of this book- do you ever feel overworked and underutilized at the same time? do you feel like you’re working but not being productive? Hijacked by others plans and agendas? How about yes, yes and yes! Well I’m looking forward to giving this one a read and being more focused with my time and energy. This was one Jess Massey also had on her reading list this past year. I’ve looked forward to giving it a go after seeing a lot of people I know reading and enjoying it.


Doing more with less; not teetering on the edge of burnout by trying to get it all done. You know that saying work smarter, not harder- I’m thinking this book is kind of reflecting that sentiment. Making the most of actionable steps and consistency will pay off in accomplishing your goals one by one. This is the authors’ latest book and looks to be another great productivity and efficiency topic. I found this book based off Essentialism.


Based on the idea that women experience burnout different than men do. What you can do to manage the stress cycle, love your body, why rest and connection are main points to recovering and avoiding burnout. This should be interesting considering that I often find myself in this overwhelmed state of mind. I’d like to avoid this in the future and continue to drive my goals forward.


A writer accepts a job finishing a couple books from a famous author who is injured and unable to finish. This book is widely and hugely popular this year and yet never got to it before I lent it out and got another glowing review. I’m so, so excited to dive into it- I may even read it between another so I can get to it sooner (if possible).

The Truth about Melody Browne:

A woman has lost her memory after a house fire in her childhood and has no idea who she is after her ninth birthday. After a night of going to a hypnotist, she faints and then starts to suddenly get glimpses into her previous life. She slowly relearns things about her childhood that she didn’t know and more mysteries turn to light. This was a random find I believe on Instagram or something- it sounds like a twisty kind of mystery story and I’m stoked to get to read it.

The 80/20 Principle:

This book will show you how to be just as effective with less effort! I guess 20 percent of our time accounts for 80 percent of our workload so…. I’m excited to learn how to be EVEN more efficient when using this principle at the end of the year. I found this book in a Goodreads top list- so I put it on here since it fits with the year long productivity theme.

Okay, that was a long one- whew! But here we are, I am so looking forward to TRULY making reading a habit at night and enjoying more simple time in a book. I tried to make reading a habit last year but fell off and lost the priority- so this year is the time to change that. I created a writing and reading habit this year and I’ve already started!

What is on your reading list? What did you read and love last year? Any books I should avoid? Be sure to let me know down in the comments…. Happy New Year and I hope it’s off to a great start!

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