Seasonal Holiday Playlists You Might Have Missed on Spotify

Music can make you feel better in any situation you may be in and this time of year lifts your mood. The good old classics like Jingle Bell Rock, Rocking Around the Christmas Tree, Merry Christmas, and Silent Night are always there when we need them but I personally am liking new seasonal tracks. I want to share what I’ve been listening to and enjoying this holiday season so far.

Happy Holidays Page

New Music Holiday

Snowflakes & Snow Boots: My December playlist

Winter Chill|Cozy Lofi Vibes

seasonal sadness

Easy Christmas

Christmas Pop

Your (my) Top Songs of 2021

I have found a few songs I really loved that are new by popular artists and well-known singer-songwriter types. A lot of these songs I like now are in these new playlists-so feel free to favorite the ones you really enjoy and curate your listening playlist. Just a great way to get into the spirit of Christmas and so forth. 

I’ll leave you with one more: 


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