6 Places to Buy Holiday Decor and more

With it being the tenth of the month already I think everyone would be in the decorating mode by now. Whether it’s trimming a tree or setting up decor for a holiday party- with these companies you can find everything you will need or want. Some of these places you may not have heard of but we’ve loved them. It’s made the holiday season so much easier and less stressful for us so I’d love to share them with you here now. 

  1. TRIMLIGHT-This company we found shortly after we moved in and wanted to install permanent lights on our house. We had them out to install which only took a day or two and they were the nicest people who worked so hard and got them up before our first holiday in our house. They are customizable and change settings easily. You can change colors and patterns of movement and set them on a timer as well. We have many people always walking by and knocking on the door asking about them. 
  1. BALSALM HILL- If you aren’t familiar this is a popular company for top quality faux and life like christmas trees, wreaths, decorations, storage and fall decor. Under fall decor there is even a section on decorating tip for the outdoors that may be helpful if you are not a naturally born decorator or need a professional eye. 
  1. TARGET- A great place to find all kinds of decor and seasonal goods at low, low prices. No matter the style of home you can find things to fit into your holiday here and of course an upside to Target is their ‘dollar spot’ where you can get all sorts of neat random small knick knacks for 1$, 3$, 5$. If you are in the market for an ugly sweater, this may be a place to look or the second would be amazon.
  1. HOBBY LOBBY-The craftopia’s dream place where you can find all seasonal items in a store dedicated to home decor. Here you can find florals and lights, paint for projects and more. The themes I’ve come across lately for winter decorations are GNOMES. A hot ticket item you can find just about anywhere now including.
  1. AMAZON- I couldn’t leave this one out because well hello it’s amazon and we all love this online mecca. I think we all shop for everything at Amazon and that doesn’t exclude holiday decor and seasonal home items. From tree skirts to ornaments and more- amazon has it all at low pricing compared to other online market retailers. 
  1. Goodwill/secondhand/St.Vincent DePaul etc- I would also think if you are on a much tighter budget or care less about your goods lasting a long time- second-hand is the way to go. There is always a influx of seasonal decor and tablewares, clothing,  probably even garland and more will be available at a extremely low price compared to brand new items. 

Just because you want to decorate for family or for yourself doesn’t mean you have to drop a lot of money. This year with family health concerns and the endemic still among us; I only decided to decorate for fall and winter generally. And I don’t think we will put our tree up or have a big dinner due to mobility issues. But a fun activity for your whole family could be creating DIY decor or tablescapes for that dinner party. Stockings and stocking stuffers can be found almost anywhere as well- Target and Amazon have great options and the things you stuff in their stockings for kids may not be important you can grab all kinds of fun things at DollarStore or go for things they need like socks or school supplies or creative items like crayons and fidget toys. I was always happy with the mid-year socks and a chocolate orange, that’s pretty much what we always got in our stocking every year. 

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