Although this year was hard for us all in many ways and was a continuation of the C-19 mindset and environment, we all came out stronger. First I’ll highlight the highs of the year and just touch on a few lows, again which we all had. Early in the year, we thought that maybe this year would be better in relation to the pandemic but it was more of the same.

I was working all year again with Pam Hodges and her virtual assistant guidance with Content SOS which has continued to be a blessing and helped me grow in so, so many ways. We’ve been working and building in Trello and changing our strategies on a monthly basis with other programs and productivity on the side (Cara Harvey-Purpose Driven Mom Club). I built a team to help me in all areas of my goals; blog and social media spaces. I have Maddie now doing Pinterest for me, Bonnie manages my Facebook page, and Lindsay helps me with backend updating the website and stuff. I am so lucky to have them and I hope they know how appreciative I am of all their hard work.

In early spring, we decided to bring Justin back out for a visit in May over my birthday weekend for two weeks. We were still in Covid times so we stayed home and didn’t go anywhere really, but the guys were happy playing games and eating good takeout at home. And as cases continued to climb- we finally chose to schedule our vaccines 1 & 2. They happened to fall right in the middle of that period, so we were able to go get our first C-19 vax done and for us, that felt like a huge gift. Around this time, I also chose to get back on anti-depressants and find a new therapist to continue mobile counseling. I tossed around a few meds for months before finding one that seems great for me- I have to stay diligent to not forget to take it! But I feel it working so I know I have to do that for me to feel my best. We also had my birthday get-together with his parents, Steph and Dillen, Sean and Justin, and myself. It was an overwhelming day and soon after we were told that Stephanie are expecting! Yay! I am so excited for them. He’s coming so soon now…

Much of our year was pretty uneventful (and full of stressful health problems) other than waiting all year to get our turf installed which was a great project we had done by Cascade Greens. It was finally completed a few months after it was scheduled to be done. The project took only two days and I am so glad we chose to have it done. We love using it with the dogs and all the neighbors seem to love it walking by our property. There is zero maintenance and it’s easy to keep clean and look nice year-round, all I need to do is rake it and rinse it.

While we waited for the turf to happen, right before, I slipped holding Maggie going out the back doorstep and fell down. I got a nasty bruise and broke my second to the last toe on my right foot. I had an x-ray and was in a boot for 8+weeks, it was hard with the three dogs going out every few hours to potty. I managed to recover but it was a slow one and I had like ghost nerve pains from my toe when I slept for weeks following.

Later in the year, we had a family scare with my mother-in-law, she had a grand mal seizure one day and was rushed to the emergency room. When it was discovered that she had a large brain tumor, they immediately had to have it removed. They found it to be as big as a goofball but luckily benign. She has a long road to recovery but everything went so well and it’s just a matter of therapy for when she can go back to work safely-if at all. We love her and are so, so glad she’s okay. We will obviously help in any way we can.

Eevee’s training has been a roller coaster this year but overall good. We had to have a long break in September-October-November because we had house projects and then her first heat came as well. We resumed in December and it was back to refreshing her mind and she surprisingly knew all her commands that she had cemented beforehand. She is still working on quite a few (heeling, longer time, more repetitions, etc) and upping her skills so she becomes the calmest, well-behaved, most well-rounded dog possible. She will finally be a grown-up dog after her spay, I am hoping she will have a more chill personality after she becomes a lady officially. We shall see!

My Christmas present is a remodeled master closet! I’m so excited- I designed it myself with the help of Home Depot and it’s scheduled for the build-out at the beginning of March. It’ll be so worth the wait! More optimal placement and better use of space so we can enjoy the clothes and things we own and the other items we have to store in there.

Although this year felt long and undesirable- I am still thankful for everything and everyone we have in our life. My life may not look like yours but it’s still a very full and sensible life.

The start of 2022 will be here in a matter of hours actually and I always love doing these posts. I am trying to get just a few goals to work on and look forward to making progress.


Start a daily writing habit- any writing just actual constructive writing

Read daily as well; I enjoy it a lot when I do it regularly

Blog consistently while finding my optimal audience and message

Get health and fitness to the forefront

Self-care is not an option it’s a priority!


I am hoping to use the word inspire to reflect what I want to do in my blog and with my plans of brainstorming and writing a book in the coming year or two. My personal story has involved a lot of inspiring others through the struggles and triumphs I have had in my life and finding the lesson in that. I believe that there is always something you can learn from every experience; good or bad. I am also here hoping to inspire you every day to do better and be better than yesterday- that’s what I believe in most lately is slow steady growth and inspiring others to chase their dreams as I do the same.

What’s your goals for 2022? If you have a Word of the Year- what is it and why?

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