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Thanksgiving is a very reflective time of year when one can be thankful and grateful for what we have and have gone through throughout the year. I thought this would be a great post to write around this time of year and get to think back about all the things that are easy to take for granted. What are ways in which you remember to be thankful and realize your privilege? Here is my list and I encourage you to do the same and perhaps drop some of yours in the comments below:

I am thankful for…having a loving, caring, respectful and loyal husband, who only wants the best for me. You saved me and I love you more than anything.

I am thankful for… a healthy marriage where we communicate the best we know how and while we have different opinions, we try again and again to always be improving.

I am thankful for… my in-laws showing me what family is and how people are supposed to respect and love one another. While also not taking life too seriously and being serious when it counts.

I am thankful for… the beautiful house we own and love. I enjoy creating a cozy, welcoming, and safe space for all who enter my home.

I am thankful for… my dogs who brighten my days, test my patience and comfort me when I need it. 

I am thankful for… being financially stable and blessed. I cannot say how much I appreciate this and do not take it for granted. 

I am thankful for… all of my wonderful, supportive, and compassionate friends who have been my family for years. And continue to be the best people I know- I hope they all know I love them! 

I am thankful for… having access to food, water, shelter, electricity- things in the developed world. I know not everyone is this lucky to grow up with all of these things and I realize the struggle for some. 

I am thankful for… the opportunity of going (and paying for) college. While I didn’t finish and that wasn’t for me- I still know what a huge deal it is. I did learn a lot from classes and my environment while getting so many experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise. 

I am thankful for… feeling safe in my neighborhood and community. 

I am thankful for… changing seasons and normalized weather. I wouldn’t want to live in certain places where the sun never comes out or the heat never goes away. I don’t do well in extremes. 

I am thankful for… transportation, that we have a car. We love our Subaru Ascent and we hope to eventually go on more trips and get more stuff done. 

I am thankful for…music. And such variety and thousands of talented artists discovered and not yet discovered. 

I am thankful for… good teachers and staff who cared and really helped me grow up and know who to trust and rely on. 

I am thankful for… convenience. Delivery age now especially because of COVID is just really nice. 

I am thankful for… streaming services like Netflix, HULU, and tons of others- it’s fun to have a bunch of tv and entertainment to choose from and learn about different things. 

I am thankful for… things of comfort like fuzzy socks, a hot cup of tea, and a good book. 

I am thankful for… the enjoyment and relaxation of long hot showers. 

I am thankful for… good hair days and feeling beautiful. 

I am thankful for… wholesome and sweet, welcoming neighbors. People I want to get to know and have community with. 

I am thankful for…choices, in general. I know I’m some countries around the world- that is not a thing for people, families, and especially women. 

I am thankful for… muddy rainstorm puddles to jump in. Because when I’m angry or sad- my husband makes me so that my mood improves. 

I am thankful for… hitting all the green lights- making the trip so much more pleasant. 

I am thankful for… to-do lists. Getting all my tasks out of my head and accomplishing whatever I can at that moment. 

I am thankful for…naps, mid-day naps, going to bed early, sleeping when I want to. 

I am thankful for…bursts of inspiration. Brainstorming with friends. 

I am thankful for… late-night conversations. 

I am thankful for…looking at old pictures, having photos of family and memories at all. 

I am thankful for…happy memories of lost loved ones. I miss them. 

I am thankful for…the internet which allows me to do so much and meet so many great people. 

I wanted to come up with 30 things total for each day in November to show how I have so many very, great things to be grateful for even the small things. Despite what we may not have or how our lives are different and may result in resentment- I have more things to be celebrating than not. Keep that at the forefront of your mind this year- also, you make family it does not have to mean blood, relatives, and obligation. It is who you choose to be in your circle and who lights up your life in the most positive of ways. I hope you have who you want at your table this year and that you eat lots of great food and make happy memories!

Happy Thanksgiving and onto December~

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