Halloween Episodes of My Favorite TV Shows

Trying to get in the spooky mood? Looking for a cozy, thrilling show to watch? Want to binge all night in a seasonal vibe? I have collected a TON of episodes and series that will help you do just that. Honestly, I am much more of a TV show viewer than a movie buff. So when it comes to particular fall and Halloween episodes, I can remember many that were my favorites and some new series I have also featured below.

Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror (2021): Treehouse of Horror XXII

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Halloween episodes:

(all on Hulu)

911: It’s a show of shock factor inspired by real events. Plays on Hulu and most On Demand providers.

Full House: The best Halloween Full House episodes from Bustle Plays on Hulu

Friends Halloween episode: The One with the Halloween Party HBOMAX

Greys Anatomy: List of Grey’s Anatomy Halloween episodes

GHOSTS: a brand new show on CBS and paramount+, an inherited mansion is riddled with eras of ghosts, a comedy about a couple moving in and make a B&B, Samantha can see the ghosts and It makes everything 10x more hilarious!

If the episodes above aren’t enough for you or aren’t your style- here’s a ton of entire shows to put a chill up your spine:

American Horror Story series (too scary for me, but you might love it!)
Charmed (old version or new)
The Vampire Diaries
Being Human: UK/US
Buffy the vampire slayer
Unsolved Mysteries
Twin Peaks
Pretty Little Liars (makes ya jump)

I think that about wraps it up for me! I am definitely in the Halloween tv mood now after listing these all off. I know most of these are older tv shows but I haven’t noticed a whole lot of Halloween episodes lately besides the Cupcake and Halloween Wars on Food Network which you should also check out if you subscribe to that channel. Sometimes ABC will have Halloween decorating ones as well, search for those too if you’re interested.
Boo! I got ya.

Let me know which ones you watch or have seen and which are your favorites?
Happy Fall and Halloween to come!

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