Friday Favorites #15

Hallelujah the weather IS changing and fall is OFFICIALLY here! This week has been slow and pretty relaxing in addition to staying productive. I actually had a lot of favorites this week, so I’m psyched to share them with you. I’ve been sharing more content here around fall and seasonal decor etc. I’m looking forward to writing and bring all that here through the month. If there’s anything you’d like to see please let me know down below. Enjoy!

Favorite Videos

If you need relaxing study or work music with nature sounds and a cozy screen to stare at, this one is for you.

Romy and Losh go to Vegas!

Cozy Days at Home|

Favorite Posts

Need a new Netflix recommendation? 16 new Netflix releases you may not have seen yet

Here are five things I wish I knew before I started blogging by The House of Fancy

You might be an empath if…

Favorite Pictures

Investing in your hobbies-building your passion, and that means making your dreams happen.

I feel like I have EVERY right to be dramatic today.

The societal pressure to have kids and to make sure that’s what we want is hard to bear

Favorite Products

I know it’s rather silly- but do you prefer a particular brand of water? Dasani is our favorite!

I wanted to organize my essential oils in a less messy way-I got this rotating one here.

TBH, I love LoopyCases, and I had to share their new Opal Leopard print!

These are just little weekly things that brighten my day or things I come across to read and share later and even the purchases I get that bring me joy while I’m sitting at home!

So many things I loved this week and always have more to share; which is exciting. We are still just waiting for our turf install date. This last week we got our house cleaned by a new company which was AMAZING! I feel so relieved especially because my toe is still injured. And the two girls who came LOVED the dogs and vice versa.

Let me know what your favorites are from this week! Which one of these favorites are you most excited about?


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