Fall Bucket List

Fall has officially begun just a few days ago and already many people are in the autumn mood. One could argue that the first sign of fall is when Pumpkin Spice Lattes come out (calling all basic bitches!!). I personally think that it has more to do with the first real heavy rain of the season which we had here in Portland today. This morning as I put Eevee out to go potty; it was pouring and the percussion of the rain was so peaceful. I made myself a big cup of coffee and cuddled into my fluffy red robe. Since last year we really weren’t permitted to do much and most things were closed or canceled due to COVID, I decided to make a true Fall Bucket List full of things I want to do this year (and things most people will want to do again).

Have a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Drink seasonal beverages

Jump in a pile of leaves

Decorate home with fall decor (see the post from last year)

Go to Pumpkin Patch

Plan/Buy/Make Halloween Costume

Change to Fall Wardrobe

Bake some seasonal goodies

Hand out candy/trick or treat

Go on a hayride

Go camping

Take a seasonal family photo

Watch Football/fall sports

Enjoy a bonfire

Watch Halloween movies

Enjoy fall scents

Go for a scenic drive

Paint or carve pumpkins

Create a fall-inspired or spooky playlist

Apple picking

Going for a bike ride

Have a picnic

Go boating or canoeing with a loved one

Soak in a bath using fall scents

I hope you liked this list of ideas for this fall and Halloween time, it should be fun fitting in as many things as possible in the next few months. I’m most excited to decorate more and put my outdoor decor out, add a hygge vibe inside with some seasonal light features and switch over my wardrobe to fall and winter pieces. Also, my favorite thing to do with friends is having an autumn/Halloween movie night– so maybe we can plan that again!

I am considering following up on a post about Fall Date Night ideas again this year- what do you think of that? Is there another fall-related post you’d like to see me put together? How many of these have you started on so far? When do you begin decorating for autumn: Sept 1 or Oct 1?

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