Copycat Medicine Ball Tea

A few months back I got really sick (not COVID), I was trying everything for my sore throat but nothing was giving me relief. Not medicine, not water, not throat lozenges. This is a very popular recipe from Starbucks and a lot of people I imagine get it when they are sick or feeling under the weather. It’s really simple and includes just a few ingredients and tastes SO good.


-your favorite mug (maybe a large one for more room)
-TEAVANA PEACH TRANQUILITY TEA OR I USED CHAMOMILE (because I really love that flavor)
-LEMONADE OR LEMON JUICE, or lemon essential oil
-you can also add honey in the original recipe and some add peppermint extract or peppermint essential oil

Steep for 5 mins for the best flavor and drink slowly.

The warm tea melts away any soreness and I know adding honey is a great benefit. Peppermint can really help your sinuses and open up your airways when you feel stuffy and can’t breathe well and will ease any tummy discomfort. Green tea is fantastic for immunity and decreases inflammation and has antibacterial/antiviral properties.

Honestly in my experience with this drink, I immediately fell in love with the flavor and I like mine to be extra sour with lemon and more of the chamomile taste. I felt like it did soothe my throat and I wanted to keep drinking it for the warmth and relief it gave. There are many versions of this drink and they are all very similar. So test out what you like and tweak it as you see fit. I’m about to drink some right now to soothe my throat after a bad night of rough sleep and too much snoring.

Next time you are feeling unwell or want some delicious, relaxing tea- think of this recipe and give it a try, you wont regret it and I promise you that you will save money too by making it at home and get more uses out of the ingredients as well! Tell me if you’ve ever had it down below or if you make it at home tag me in a picture on Instagram!

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