10 Fall Scented Products I Love

*I’m a rep for Scentsy and doTerra because I love and use their products, I do make a small commission from these sales.*

The autumn season is almost here and I know we all love our PSLs and color changing leaves, sweaters and boots-all things we associate with this time of year. I have a few favorite products that remind me of fall and cozy feels. So I will be sharing some of those common items below.

Soap: Harvest Hand Soap Bundle

Candle: Blueberry Maple Pancakes by Bath and Body Works

Multi purpose spray: Clean and Hand Soap Bundle -multipurpose spray, dish soap and hand soap (two scents)

Essential Oils: On Guard, Cedarwood, Cinnamon Bark, Copaiba, Hygge Cozy Blend (out October 1st), Breathe products, Herbal lipbalm

Drink: this Peppermint Mocha creamer by CoffeeMate in coffee is my fave. Or I know y’all and your PSL’s. I’m not a fan but if you are; we can still be friends!

Food: Fall Comfort Recipes– go here to follow me and check out this fall themed board.

Room Spray: Febreeze Air Freshener in Spiced Apple

Lotion: Sweater Weather body lotion another one of my favorite scents in candles, body sprays and more!

Body Scrub: Scentsy Body Scrubs – I have a jar from last year that is Butter Pecan, unavailable now but I would totally choose the Bright Cider Life one or the Appleberry one. Two of my favorite scent lines in everything is Luna and Cozy Cardigan so those are really nice too.

Treats: check out this search result from ‘seasonal desserts’ on Pinterest; everything from pumpkin baked goods, to apple pie to gingerbread pies, cakes, and loaves… and truffles, brownies and cheesecakes. I’m not a lover of pumpkin anything but get me a lava cake or a truffle of chocolate or MAPLE anything and you have me hooked!

Well that’s about all I have for you today! Share your favorite scents and fall products down below and thanks again for hanging out!

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