What to include in a Care Package

Giving a friend a care package is nice to do no matter the occasion-a hard time, a new baby, a marriage, a promotion or simply just because. I have found myself doing this for a couple of my friends recently and it makes me feel so good that I can help them, lift their spirits or remind them how much they are loved. But I do understand that this is based on financial ability and doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive.

Mainly I use Amazon Prime to send packages to people because it’s easy to send and a one stop shop for anything you could need. It would also be super easy to go to your local dollar store or Target and do the same thing. First step is to think of things they like or may need- for a new baby, a swaddle- or for a new job, a coffee travel tumbler or for a just because maybe their favorite treat or new book to read. Next I will share how I compile and gather things people really love. Here’s some good ideas to put in your care package:

Snacks: candy, travel sized snacks, your favorite item for them to try, a drink or coffee of their choice

Good smelling things: bath and shower items, sprays, perfumes, essential oils or warmer wax

Self Care items: a body scrub, a skin or beauty item, nail polish, a face mask or hand and body lotion

Entertainment: Books, movies, magazines, a hobby item, a cd or list of favorite music to share, subscriptions they might like

Home Items: mugs, decor, candles, a picture frame, seasonal items

Office Supplies: pens, pencils, planners, notebooks, post it notes, a cell phone holder or charger (because we always lose them), cute stationary etc

Jewelry: rings, a necklace, bracelets, earrings, anklets or friendship sets

I think the most important thing is to think of the person and relevant items for the event you are sending a care package for. The person will appreciate and give many thanks for you even thinking of them and getting a nice surprise. I hope this is a useful idea and just know that it doesn’t have to be spendy or happen all the time but giving gifts are one of my favorite ways to show love to friends and family so I know they love it.

Let me know what you’d like to give or receive in a care package and who you’d send a surprise package to!

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