How to support blog/biz owners without spending money!

Are you often times wishing that you could support and buy things from bloggers and biz owners you know? Maybe we can once in a while or maybe that’s something to create a budget for- but there’s a way to help all your friends and not have to spend money. That’s what I’ll be writing about today and how we can really support and show love for our friends without breaking the bank.

Like, comment and share:

It only takes a second but has such a big impact on visibility and the algorithms in social media. Give a like, thumbs up or reaction; it really helps them see their audience and who is engaging and active in their accounts. If you enjoy a post or video, comment something of quality, ask a question or give a compliment. That will show them that you care and that you enjoy what they are showing and providing. As well as leaving a heartfelt and full in detail review. This shows others what the service or product is about, how much you liked it and if you would recommend it or not and why. Share a post, a party or a video for more exposure to your friend in a different network of people. This doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s not annoying at all to others really- it’s helpful and may get them another sale or connection that wouldn’t have been had it not been for a share. You can now share many ways across social media, you can share a post to your timeline publicly, share to a group, share to a page or

Save, pin or forward:

Save to Pinterest is a great way to go back to find again later. The more a pin is saved, re-pinned and viewed- the more the algorithm will say “hey this is quality and people are liking it, let’s show more people!” Forwarding something works the same way- and is helpful to show other friends and family something they may also be interested in. Pinterest gives the option to share in a large multitude of ways, on social media, email, whatsapp or copy link.

Guest Post, Collaboration or Giveaway:

By sharing someones’ content in a blog post, helping them host a giveaway or collaboration on a certain project- this will benefit and grow you both in ways you didn’t think were possible snd by exposing each other to the others’ audience it maximizes the circle of customers and readership available.

Host a party or show up actively for them i.e engagement:

This helps a whole lot when you want to support a fellow biz owner or MLM say; and you may not be able or interested but by engaging it shows others that they too can interact and the product or service may be for them more. Also by commenting in a party it bumps the group or event to show more people and get it out there with the algorithm. Therefore this being something people want to see or participate with and then alerting you to some or all notifications, based on your settings.

Modeling for a biz owner or online shop:

Recently, in my own life I helped a couple friends by trading product for modeling/product photos for social media or website. This is a cost free way of helping out a friend in a variety of ways. Pictures can go on all social platforms to be shared widely and then stories that will reach a larger scope of potential customers and they can use the snapshots taken for posts about new product or launch day!

So you see, there are a TON of ways to help a biz or blog with little to NO cost. All of these actions take seconds or a few minutes to do and probably are in the list of things you are already doing on social media etc. I’m sure they would really appreciate any of these and you’ll feel good supporting them without spending a dime (unless you can or want to)!

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