Friday Favorites #12

Hello and welcome back again! I hope that you enjoyed my Wednesday post, if you missed it by chance (it’s a good one) so go check it out! I didn’t really have a theme for this week but I figured we are so close to back to school time that it would work! Cute stock photos! If you have kids and have started a back to school routine then I hope things are going smoothly and that the kids are happy and having fun! Being a non-parent back to school has a different impact on me as far as: back to school and office supplies (one of my favorites).

Favorite Videos

Who loves IKEA and new houses? I love watching this gal!

Productive NYC week in the life and establishing habits

12 time saving clean home habits for busy people

Favorite Posts

8 ways to design your dream life for creating your best life 

*shit i lovelovelove* monthly favorites from CUR

Do you need advice on the top 10 best undies and bras to buy? I sure do! 

Favorite Pictures

Fall designs in this shop are ADORABLE! 

These beautiful paper products by one of my friends- book related items!

3 step process to staying productive AF

Favorite Products

My ultimate new favorite Tula product, gel cream

I love these hair ties and I will never buy another kind again!

If you like crystals- these are some of the greatest ones I’ve found variety and beauty (but go fast)

I hope you liked some of these links I’ve shared. There was a lot to love this week (besides me breaking my toe- NOT FUN). Busy season is upon us and the weather will be changing soon I hope. Let’s look forward to the weekend and take time to relax!

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