Friday Favorites #11

Hey babes! So sorry that I missed last week but it was not happening. Luckily I still have plenty of favorites this week that I had to get typed out for you. I had a split productive week, one day I was feeling unwell but the rest of the week was pretty good and got things done in the end. I hope you are having a great week- lots of variety this week in my choices and I’m sure that you’ll find something you will enjoy. August is almost halfway over- Wow! What’s your favorite thing from the first half of the month? Leave me a comment down below!

Favorite Videos

If you feel stuck in life and want to better yourself than take a look at this life personal growth challenge ideas!

Who doesn’t wanna be “THAT GIRL”?! Watch this and release your inner That Girl….

53 items you need to declutter (and won’t miss at all) 

BONUS: A new music artist I recently found via TikTok and follow on IG and Spotify: listen to his tunes! 

Favorite Posts

Do you have issues with brain fog? Here’s 9 natural ways to fix it


24 lists to make when you’re bored or using up notebook ideas 

Favorite Pictures

Love will not save you quote 

Unsteady “remix” 

A two for one- a book and movie recommendation 

Favorite Products

My favorite kind of pillow (not brand specific but LOVE bamboo, flexible foam insides)

New storage zippered bags for WHATEVER you need! 

This great summer read– everyone I know is reading it and raving about it!

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