8 Ways to Feel Closer to Your Spouse

With the space and divide COVID brought on last year and the paranoia of a pandemic for a year and a half ongoing- it’s time everyone can be reunited closer. So today I’m bringing some tips and ways that you can feel closer to your spouse (if in fact there has been a crazy year, solitude or just not much connection lately). Try some of these and let me know how it goes.

Initiate Intimacy:

This can be whatever kind of intimacy you want but the intention was touch, closeness, pleasure. One of the best ways to connect on a deep level- make sure this is in your routine. Perhaps if you’re struggling here create some fun new ideas or yes, make a schedule- sometimes that helps when things feel distant or up in the air.

Try New Things Together:

Like hobbies, cooking, adventuress and more! Teaching and learning with each other is so much fun and makes you work together and bond. Maybe one of you is proficient in something the other isn’t- what a fun way to practice and teach the other a new skill or hobby.

Spend Quality Time Together:

Intentional and quality time that has no distractions doing something you both enjoy or just talking and hanging out, it doesn’t have to be fancy just purposeful. You value each other more and learn more about the other when you spend quality time and do daily life together. You may even make this a set date time of the week to talk and really go over anything that comes up and work through it.

Snuggle Closer on the Couch (physical closeness):

You can easily create intimate and loving feelings without being sexual in nature. Snuggle on the couch, hold hands in public, flirt, hug more, give massages etc. These are all acts of showing that you love someone and they will more than likely return the emotion and feel closer to you as well.

Play a Game:

A fun way to bond and challenge each other be competitive is to play a board game or card game. It doesn’t have to be one you’ve played before; in fact a new game might be more fun! I’ve heard a lot of people through the pandemic playing Monopoly Deal and saying it’s fun to play in pairs or groups. Give it a try!

Clearly Communicate and Ask for What You Need:

An obvious one but such a crucial point that I have not yet mastered. Communication is hugely important in a relationship or marriage. To be able to communicate clearly and be understood is vital for a healthy marriage. If you want further assistance in this area, you can look up exercises on Pinterest or talk to a professional to strengthen your speaking and listening skills, teach you to disagree fairly and more.

Make Goals Jointly:

I love this idea in terms of money management, home projects, travel, personal goals such as fitness and diet or what have you. Hold each other accountable and act like a team.Making a plan together creates a common goal and then it’s twice as easily accomplished.

Celebrate Each Other’s Wins:

When one of you is celebrating a win, a goal or an achievement- the other should be in the same mindset- again you are a team and you truly want what’s best for each other! Being happy for your partner is also being happy for your marriage and the growth in each others’ lives.

This is just a peek into things you can do as one half of a relationship/marriage to feel connected and secure. It’s easy enough to let the days fly by without really being present (at least I find that to be a struggle-on autopilot I like to say), but it’s a slippery slope. Be careful to pay attention and nurture your partner and the relationship day by day. You’ll begin to feel rejoined and closer than ever when you’re taking time to give a conscious effort.

What are some ways you feel closer in your relationship or marriage? Drop your ideas and comments below!

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