Friday Favorites #7

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week and coming into a wonderful and OPEN Fourth of July weekend! We don’t have plans but sometimes our neighbors have a cookout and stuff I hear- so we will see with the firework ban here currently. Sadly our summer is again too dry and it’s dangerous even in this area near the gorge so none of that besides the regulation shows. I hope you all stay safe and have so much fun! With no delay- my favorites for the week…

Favorite Videos

I love Tara! And I can’t wait to see what her kitchen looks like!

Feel like you need a jumpstart in life? Here’s how you can upgrade your life in 6 months!

Do you daily journal? She did a challenge to journal for 30 days straight!

Favorite Posts

How can you get rid of old glasses? Here’s a clue!

30 things to start doing for yourself TODAY!

Watermelon summertime recipes to make and enjoy

Favorite Pictures

Makeup by Seint-Chandler Larsen

Happy Birthday to Mollie America!

This quote is important to remember by Hustle Sanely

Favorite Products

Acupuncture Shakti Mat– was a recommendation from Krysten and I’m loving it so far.

LJ the Label – for journals, jewelry and crystals! Lots of spiritual goodies

Bible tabs by Bibles and Coffee


-prayer journal

Let me know what your favorite was! Or if you ordered a product I liked..

See you soon! Happy Independence Day!

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