20 Prime Video Must See Documentaries

You know I love to share all of my recommendations when it comes to arts and entertainment. When I found Amazon Prime, I realized I had so much more choice in things I wanted to see and expand my search for true crime and life documentaries; which since I have watched countless of them. I feel like documentaries are so under rated and when we have this life we experience every day- it’s a real look into what each facet and dimension of life looks like (good and bad). I like to draw knowledge on real life stories and experience so I can be more understanding and empathetic. If you like to learn from other people’s experiences and watch life unfold in the present moments, then here is 20 documentaries that I know are MUST SEE’s.

-PINK! All I Know So Far:

An exciting view through PInk’s most recent European Tour with her kids and husband, how she makes her art, performs with her family-like crew and impacts a nation while doing it. How hard it is to be a superstar, balance kids, marriage, work and a tour as well as living regular life day by day and giving her kids amazing experiences so they grow into incredible well rounded people.

-Leaving Neverland (Micheal Jackson case):

A detailed recount of two survivors depicting the years of friendship, encouragment and attention; as well as abuse they received from Micheal Jackson in the years and decades before he passed. As well as the family and public views on the allegations and the journey to resolve the accusations.

-A Lion in the House (subject warning: child cancer, some graphic and uncomfortable medical footage-also death and dying):

A docu-series first look into Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on the 5A child cancer floor for in and out patient service, rotation and journey through 7 or so kids treatment plans. With help from the doctors and research- they hope to treat and fight for chances of survival. It’s moving, emotional and raw look into a cancer child’s life and how much a disease impacts the daily life and future ventures and the families set of choices.

-Rewind (subject warning: child sexual abuse/molestation):

A boy’s family and his fight for justice in his child sex abuse case 15 years ago from other unsuspecting family member(s). They speak back on details of this case, how it unfolded and how the trauma was realized and what it took to face the suspects in court.

-Stories We Tell
-Missing Mom
-Emma Wants To Live (subject warning: Anorexia)
-American Tragedy (subject warning: Columbine)
-Killing Fields
-The Lost Boys of Bucks County
-Valley of the Damned
-Murder in the Bayou
-The Eleven
-The Vanishing Women
-Raising Matty Christian
-The Disappearance of Maura Murray
-Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children
-Missing 411
-The Family I Had
-The Sentence

That’s all I have for you. It’s an intense list of subject matter but has opened my eyes to a lot in this realm. I really did “enjoy” them a lot and gather something from each one. I highly suggest if you are a documentary lover checking these out if you have Prime video or trying to find them elsewhere on other networks or renting them if possible. I love sharing compiled lists of what I’m enjoying or what I’m watching most recently. I hope you enjoy this kind of content if you do, please share some of your favorites down below and let me know if you have seen any of these films. Also share and pin the image below!

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  1. Wow, you’ve watched all these, didn’t you?! I’d like to watch a few from this list.
    I’ll follow up on P!NK documentary, as she had an earlier version of her career and life before she was famous.

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