How to clean and organize your social media

With the rise of social media in the last 15 years, everyone and everything is about perspective and who’s who with what’s that. The buyer’s market is over it’s head with consumerism and now we are completely online more so than ever with the recent COVID outbreak. At the same time when some companies can’t survive and go under because of it. I’m getting away from the point here which is ” we all need a break” and I think an easy way to take a break and grasp a piece of mind is to make sure you are ONLY following quality content from people you admire and look up to or truly care about and not in a “I wish I was them” sort of way. I will take you through these steps to clean and organize your online life that won’t take very long at all. Here’s my guide to doing this the easy way.


Friends- Go through your friends list. Thoroughly. Go through your categorized or automatic lists and people you may know. Just get rid of those individuals who love to start a fight, or that friend you haven’t seen or talked to at all since college. Pair down who you value on social media; don’t feel obligated- only keep up with those you know and care about.
Pages- I know we all have things we love to follow and keep seeing that are fun or entertaining. But time passes and you forget why you followed Heinz ketchup or One Tree Hill that you binged four summers ago. Just go through one by one and unfollow and unlike.
Groups- Same for groups, you can go to your Groups section and leave group or turn off all notifications. Which can also be helpful if you want to look through and comment but not be bombarded with everyone’s posts daily. I do this every quarter since I add a lot of groups and interests and then never see the ones I want to be a part of.
Past posts- I was part of MLMs and well with those they require a lot of daily posts. Mostly selfies and product posts that are no longer relevant. I’m sure you have past posts that are not the best version of you or something dumb or whatnot that would free up space and delete unwanted things. So do just that.
Pictures/albums- For the same reasons I have a ton of old selfies or pictures I don’t care to keep or albums that don’t make sense or full of just crap. So eliminate whatever ones you can to clean up your Facebook and male it reflect you better.


Following- Go through with a thorough hand; check who owns the accounts and how verifiable the account owners are. Don’t follow spammy acoustic ya or people who aren’t in line with your own interests and topics you specialize in.
Pins-Do the same thing with your pins and pins you re-pin maybe spam, might be an dead link or an error 404 missing destination. Make sure everything you pin is valuable to you and for others- report anything that is not, to be removed. Update your board covers if you want so others can save and find your content easily.
Topics/albums-Reorganize and categorize and put in details for each description using SEO words as much as you can. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this I suggest getting a social media manager or someone who specializes in Pinterest who can make this platform grow and work for you.


Followers-I feel like being an online presence in any greatness; it’s hard to sort and keep on top of ongoing numbers whether your account is a public or a business or influencer type account, it’s easy to let random people get through too often. It get spammy and then clogs up your account with junky comments and annoying DMs.
Following- This is a lot easier to keep on top of- you can easily unfollow anyone you don’t know or don’t care to see or follow. They will never know that you unfollowed them.
Saved- We now have such a nice section of IG for saved content, videos and reels. It can get messy if you don’t organize this area too and go through to clean it out often. You’ll forget all about what is even on there! Making saved titles and sections also helps keep things you loved in a organized space.
Past posts/stories-In Instagram you have a section that is archived- go in and delete anything you no longer want or need, and clean out your old stories and things you were maybe tagged in. This also helps give you a fresh, clean feeling when it comes to old things lingering online.


Inbox-Go inbox zero (if you can)! It feels incredible to have nothing in your inbox.
Folders-Your folders are where you keep all the stuff you want to store and save! Sort appropriately and create folders that make sense for your needs.
Spam-Always empty your SPAM. It’s junky and clunky and If it ends up here then more than likely you don’t need it.
Unsubscribe-Unsubscribe from anything you no longer want or need (or things you forgot about – hello B&BW newsletter)! It’s actually taking up space on your inbox keeping or not organizing what it sitting in there day after day. It’s what some people like to call mental clutter.

I hope this helps you in any journey about social media, whether you are just cleaning it up or trying to cut back this is a great first step in improving your relationship with social media. Let me know if and how you try these tips below and if they help you cut back or get back in touch with those who matter most!

P.S love you! Thanks for being here!

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