Friday Favorites #6

And just like that we are already in June! Halfway through the year officially and how weird is that since COVID took our sense of time (and smell) away. I’m glad I’ve gotten some feedback that these roundups are so much fun and useful to you. I just really enjoy sharing what I love. We have a much busier month so I should have lots of great things coming up and as previously stated if you’d like to send me a Pet Story of the Week those will be bi monthly I think and fitting more varied content throughout. Go to the link and check out the info needed, email them to me and I will share and post a cutie on my IG! Happy June!

P.S I chose some mommy themed graphics since I have a few mommy/pregnancy/gender etc things in my post and also my best friend is expecting her first child right now! So good luck to her and sorry it may seem so random.

Favorite Videos

Guess what Casey Holmes is having?!?! You’ll never guess!

Cleaning out my makeup collection-Alisha Marie

A weird vlog- moving etc Tara Michelle

Favorite Posts

What I would say to my 20 yr old self

New monthly goal ideas to set

June 2021 goals- have you set yours yet?

Favorite Instagrams

June Horoscope from Moon Omens

Hollow Coves “These memories” 

Quote from wordporn

Favorite Products

Comfort and style all night long-Cal King Comforter

My new love for ‘water with an essence’ of flavor 

How I stay dry and fresh and smelling goood

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