10 Things I Want To Do This Summer

I’m hoping this summer proves to be more memorable than last years. But if I can help it- I will make it much better by doing simple things at home to enjoy summer more. The temps are rising and people are feeling more comfortable coming out to do more in public in a safe manner. Here’s a few things that I am excited to do during this season:

  1. Get a new tattoo: I have a few ideas but I think the new one I want is a rainbow line drawing; from Hustle Sanely. I also have a cover-up/rework of my dad’s in memory tattoo that’s old and faded etc. It really needs a spruce up!
  2. Get teeth fixed: I have work to be done and I need to get it all made into appointments but I have to wait on the dental schedule. (I have the first one schedule for 2 weeks away)
  3. Use the hot tub more often: I love our hot tub (I wrote about it here) and I like how relaxing it is for my back but it’s hard to watch the dogs and get in the hot tub.
  4. Get the turf done (August 🤞🏻): We have plans to get three spots done (the back yard, the front yard and the no parking strip). We are on the list to give in a deposit, and then work starts August or September. I can’t wait to have that in and write a post on how amazing it turns out to be for us!
  5. Take Eevee to a park experience/long walk or to the Hidden Falls: She needs so much more exercise than she gets; we have a small yard but we live in a nice neighborhood with lots of green space and parks around us.
  6. Use my Apple Watch daily and try new workouts on Apple Fit+: Wear my apple watch and track my fitness and steps/calories to meet my goals. I subscribed to apple fit+ for a three month trial, I need to use it and make the most of the time.
  7. Enjoy watermelon and lemonade!: I enjoy the highlights of summer treats! I love watermelon and lemonade (lavender is a favorite of mine). What is your favorite summer treat? Drop it down below in a comment.
  8. READ! Here’s My Summer Reading Wishlist: This is a blog post I wrote about books I have lined up for the summer to check off my reading list. This includes ones I own and ones I don’t yet but they are all saved on my Goodreads, which you can follow there if you’d like too- it’s just under Nora Spaulding.
  9. Host a girls night at my house with neighbor friends: Recently, I have made some great new friends in my neighborhood, it’s been weird with being inside with COVID and post COVID this year but I’m glad I can start to incorporate friendships and activities.
  10. Meal prep and drink more water: I want to start taking Sundays and having a meal prep time (easy recipes like slow cooker and freezer meals are great ideas!) as well as tracking my water with my Health app. I have great water bottles to use that motivate me to drink more and more often.

I realize that these are more habit type or check list items that need to get done. But I will be happy if these get accomplished in the next 90 days or so. I am currently in the process of getting my teeth taken care of and reading a new book “The Road Back to You”. I have a lot of goals and I want to do fun things too like a girls night with neighbors or go new places so I’m almost done getting my second dose of C-19 vaccine. I think I will feel safer knowing that I’m a ‘protected person’ despite what choices other make( I recently decided to change my mind regarding this so I’m proud to know I’m safe now). I want to also update my 100 in 1001 so check that out here soon too and I’ll write some posts related to that!

Let me know what fun things you are up to this summer and maybe you can give me new ideas.

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  1. Honestly, I just want to get through the summer without completely losing it on my parents. So if I can do that, I am golden.

    I think your list is much better than mine 😉

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