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May is National Pet Month and about 80 million homes in America have a furry family member. It’s the best time for true bragging rights about how great and treasured our pets are. They are truly an incredible thing in our lives- we love them just like our human children; If we have them. Another reason to spoil them rotten and give them gifts or treats. I know in my heart of hearts that having a pet makes your life richer, fuller and just more endearing. So if you don’t have a pet, think about getting one, adopting one or borrowing one from a loved one for a day of excitement and laughter.

Guest post opportunity:

I’d LOVE to open up guest post opportunities to share your own pet stories and your stories will be shared on my blog and shared through my social media accounts when being featured. This is an ongoing series that I’ll be sharing as they come in.

Include in your submission:

your pet story
your bio (your bio and picture will be included at the end of the post)
a picture of you
pictures of your pet (at least one, but several are welcome as well! These will be used throughout the post to make it even more personal)

Each pet will also be featured on IG so please send a square picture.

Contact me if interested; email: or Instagram message me @noraspaulding

What is it?

Pet Story of the Week is a featured post series on this blog highlighting a personal story about your pet, any range of topics is considered. I love animals especially dogs, cats and personally horses! I am such a dog mama at heart (since I don’t have human kids) and they are my world. So share why and how your pet makes you feel loved and how you interact with them on a daily basis, what about your pet makes them so special to you?

What pets are welcome?

Any actual domestic pets are welcome, at my own discretion. Dogs, cats, turtles, fish, lizards, small rodents, rabbits, horses, birds, ferrets and snakes etc.

What kind of stories do you want to share?

From adoption and gotcha days, silly and funny stories, how they’ve helped you through things, big events in your life or anything else (please no abuse or cruel stories- that to me is unacceptable).

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