Friday (Saturday) Favorites #5

Hello friends! Sorry I was MIA yesterday I was still recovering from a dead arm from my Covid shot on Wednesday! I could not type or move much so I was slowly compiling my faves from the week. And it got too late last night to get it up in time. I have found a lot of enjoyable things this week so I hope that you love exploring this week and saving all these great links. We’ve been busy just relaxing and chilling while Justin spends his last week here hanging out with us on his two week vacation from work. We’ve had fun even though we didn’t do anything- thanks Covid and Sean’s back condition. It’s been tough but we are looking forward to more answers soon. Anyway, have a great week and drop your faves or what you liked best down below! I am loving this series so I think I’ll keep it up!!!! On time next week I promise…

Favorite Videos

Same old monthly planning feeling stale? Try 10 new ways to reset for a new month

Love seeing new products from places like Target? Here’s a current SHOP WITH ME from Target 

Time to clean this weekend- here’s some motivation to get started… Complete House Disaster-clean with me

Favorite Posts

Wanna switch things up? Here’s 15 self care tips for introverts

Need some new reads? 21 YA reads that are worth reading as an adult

This really IMPACTED me in the best of ways… I will save this quote forever!

Favorite Pictures/IG Accounts

Check out @ashleyklemieux for incredible inspiration, triumphs among struggles and serious boss babes on the daily! 

If you’d like to hear a new voice in your ears and watch a gorgeous curly haired go getter- check out @roxyhandley 

One of my favorite blogs that always has great useable and productive content go follow @theblissfulmind

Favorite Products

If you’re looking for a comfy pooch bed. Eevee has grown right out of her bed- so this is a bigger one I picked up to fit her better, comes in many sizes for all dog breeds

A book that has been on my to-read list lately and one of my FB groups is reading it; so I’m jumping right in! 

Some of the most natural cleaning products on the market in my opinion, I’ve been moving more and more cleaning jobs using Norwex

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