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One of the most enjoyable parts of my day has been watching others be productive and share what they love! I take time each morning/evening to watch and listen to a few special ladies that make my day brighter. I wanted to be sure to show you who they are and why I adore them in my Instagram.

Morgan Vallar @home_cleaning_with_the_vallars (IG)

She cooks and cleans, she takes “herbal” therapy, she has two great kids, is hilarious ALL OF THE TIME and is pretty blunt but nice about everything. She speaks up when there’s an important lesson to be learned and she’s all about “sacred mom time” which is like something you can do to relax and care for yourself. Hers is a late dinner and bath time with this amazing scrub that I even bought for myself! I do make sure to watch her daily as a great stay at home wife cleaning motivator- she makes me check myself and go do ‘something that will make tomorrow a bit easier’ (her words not mine).

Meagan Rigney @meaganrigney (IG/Blog)

She is a great mental health and self love advocate, she is a great person to look up to for healthy skills. Her art is magnificent and simplistic and her home decor skills are shabby chic in the best way! She is a kind-hearted, genuine, smiley person who never puts on a show. Her funky and fun fashion finds are also a staple of hers that I love to watch for. You can find her blog at www.meaganrigney.com

The House of Smiths @houseofsmiths (IG)

She and her three beautiful girls are amazing and fun people. Her journey with braces, remodeling, parenting the teen years, fitness and nutrition all in moderation is what makes her so special and fun to watch and listen to. Plus she shares Costco and Trader Joes grocery must haves and skin care products! I love her goofball, silly outbursts too! Her struggles and triumphs are too relatable and that feels awesome.

The Rambling Red Head-Jenn Todryk @theramblingredhead (IG/Blog)

She is a No Demo Reno queen! It’s her new show about doing no demo renovations and creating beautiful transformations! She’s been my top #1 home decor and family go to for a few years! I am so happy to see her interact with her English Cream Golden- we got one right before she did so I know Gary and Eevee would be fast friends and her daughters Berkley and Vivi are both ADORBS! I’d give anything to go visit and just spend a week in their life- it looks like crazy family fun! You can find her both on her blog here www.theramblingredhead.com and on Instagram

Coming Up Roses @ericaligenza (IG/Blog)

She’s the one woman show! She has this weekly Monday motivational book and it is FABULOUS. She’s really active on Instagram so she’s a constant daily fave of mine. Her blog is so long running and has a mass quantity of content which I love to reference and peruse through. So get on that email list! The products and clothes she recommends- she actually tries on and uses! Her precious daughter Olivia (Liv) is a gift from God and she’s so much like her mother I think as well. Her website is here: www.cominguprosestheblog.com

So that concludes my top 5 favorite bloggers and/or IG gals I follow. They are all great in their own way but I think these are the few that I really enjoy seeing in my feed and in stories alone. I hope that you’ll follow them and tell me what you think- tell them I sent ya! And I’ll talk to ya again on Friday for more FRIDAY FAVORITES!

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