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Some people really hate shopping- that is not me; but I do hate fitting rooms and sizing when I have to take the time to figure it out. I love clothes and I like looking at and for clothes. But I have never had a real sense of fashion, style or what goes together or looks good in any certain way. The choice to have a stylist like someone out of Hollywood is a exciting idea, knowing they have taken the hard part out and there is no downside since returns and exchanges are always FREE and easy.

I have still been doing a fair amount of shopping in the recent months. I gained some weight and grew a bunch, which I am actually quite happy about. My sizes changed by a size and a half or so, all of my pants I had purchased no longer fit and that’s a good thing. I was fully prepared to get everything back in a size or two up. But with boutiques being so expensive- I gave it a second thought and I tend to over-shop with items I may never wear or aren’t the best in quality.

Stitch Fix is a service where a stylist picks items for you based on your preferred sizing, style and price preferences, which are all individual. I feel like my personal stylist choose items or patterns that I may not typically wear but styled in the correct way it will be a staple in my closet. I really enjoyed that part of this service. To get me out of my comfort zone but in a way that’s still applicable to me.

I liked that the cost of the service is 20$ that goes towards your purchase(s), also you get a 25% discount if you buy all the items in your Stitch Fix. While yes, some of the items cost more- I feel the quality was better so I was willing to pay for something that wasn’t FAST FASHION and could span over seasons or years.

Having the styling card is very helpful-shows you ways to put together your items with the other items or add on to your outfit with new pieces. I found this more helpful when I wanted to style my raincoat as my main piece in my outfit on a rainy spring day, or for another sunny day if I was taking a walk to a nearby waterfall.

Getting the personalized letter from your stylist telling you why and how the pieces were picked for you and to review them afterwards. Make sure to leave a note for the stylist with other information for your next Stitch Fix box so they can get to know your needs, style and what exactly didn’t work out. There’s no obligation to buy any piece- you can send it all back and try again. Easy to ship back bag, a checkout service to buy items in app and then rate and review each piece. It’s very hassle free! I don’t even drive but getting it to a drop off box, UPS, or USPS was easy as pie!

I do plan to continue this service at least through spring and summer, so for the next couple months I’d like to continue to share what my fixes have been. I’ve love to try new styles and begin to mature my fashion choices in a casual yet functional way. I immediately picked 4 out of the 5 items in mine. I would’ve kept the spring style white jeans but I thought they had a weird fit and I was happy with the rest. Here’s some photos l took of the pieces I truly loved and will wear all season- they’ve already been on repeat!

What do you think about these curated style boxes and/or subscription boxes (which is different)? Would you ever sign up for a box like this? What is your style description? What are you needing right now? Seasonal? Staples like cami’s and pajamas? Or shoes and accessories?

I love that you can change your preferences and sizing whenever you want- also skipping a few weeks or month is easy to do too!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try Stitch Fix, but between the fact that I wear scrubs at work and I don’t go anywhere because of Covid, it would probably not be a good time to start right now.

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