Friday Favorites #1

This week I wanted to do something more fun! I decided to do a roundup of all my weekly favorites to share with you. There’s some gems in here so get to clicking and take a minute this Friday to relax and enjoy. Can you believe it’s gonna be May?! My birthday month! Happy Friday!

Favorite Videos

Spring cleaning season is here! Here’s some declutter and deep cleaning motivation if you need some encouragement

Are you a Lovatic? Or a die hard fan of Demi Lovato? I am and I loved and was so moved by her most recent documentary “dancing with the devil”? It was R A W! And her diary clips are a can’t miss!

Who does Rebel think she is?! And I’m not talking about Wilson…. Tune in and find out!

Favorite Posts

Are you looking for your next summer read

Cur-rently on CUR– check her blog out! 

One of my favorite accounts to follow on Facebook, Becoming Unbusy shows us 18 easy ways to do today to make yourself happier 

Favorite IG accounts

This gal is one badass, roller skating,  home cleaning, *slightly* vulgar yet hilarious  dinner cooking, bee feeding babe! Check her out i DARE ya! 

The most creatively driven babe I know! Her paper products are amazing and her hand lettering skills are EPIC! She’s RADANDHAPPY 

Jess is The Productivity Queen! She does it all! The Hustle Sanely BFF Club, Hustle Sanely Program and her Hustle Sanely Podcast is among the many things she does. Come be a part of this community

Favorite Products

These paperbag shorts are the cutest pair ever!

These Scentsy diffuser pods and wall fan plug ins are such a good option for keeping your home smelling AMAZING! 

Everyone knows Tula skincare but my favorite from them is this scrub! It’s been my holy grail lately!

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